Anal Play: 4 Sex Toys To Take It To The Next Level

Anal Play: 4 Sex Toys To Take It To The Next Level

It’s only human nature to want to take your anal experiences to the next level. I mean, you find out anal is pretty awesome, so where's the next logical step? 

Using other stimulation during anal can make it even more pleasurable. Try anal play during regular intercourse, try clitoral or penile stimulation during anal, or even stimulate other parts of the body such as your nipples, or inner thighs.  Different positions will hit different spots, rub different nerves, and give different levels of fullness. So, experiment and see what feels best for you!

Using toys that are weighted for feelings of delicious fullness, or vibrating for wicked tingles, is an even better way to take it to the next level!

Obviously, there’s a million and one ways to go about this, and even more products on the market claiming to do the job, however we’ve done the hard work for you on this one!

These are the anal sex toys that will take your backdoor play to new heights:



B-Vibe Rimming Plug – Teal

The only butt plug with rotating beads at the neck to mimic the sensation of rimming (that's getting your booty licked, FYI) and help relax the sphincter muscles.

B-Vibe Rimming Plug

Incorporating a unique beaded-textured rotating neck and a strong vibrating core, The B-Vibe Rimming Plug 2 is the next evolutionary step in anal plugs. Like no other anal sex toy on the market, The Rimming Plug 2 offers up stimulation never before seen. Featuring 7 modes in the rotating beads, y’know to tease and twirl all those sensitive nerve endings we don’t think about! Not only that but this plug also contains 6 rotation and vibration intensities to create your ideal pleasure combo.

So, grab the included remote-control and get ready for the ultimate rimming sensation.

Guess that's why it's called the most innovative sex toy of the 2010s decade!



B-Vibe Vibrating Snug Plug

Designed for every-booty!

B-Vibe Vibrating Snug Plug

Why choose between weight, vibration, and long-wear comfort when you can experience all these sensations in one toy? Weighing in at 112 but featuring a thin flexible neck, the B-Vibe Vibrating Medium Snug Plug is ultra-comfortable and provides the most deliciously satisfying feeling of fullness without the trade-off of sizing up to a larger toy.

The B-Vibe Vibrating Medium Snug Plug comes with 4 levels of intensities and 6 vibration patterns for endless anal play possibilities. So, get ready to enter the wonderland of good vibes and toe-curling orgasms! Enjoy the feeling of fullness and vibrations, whether it’s for during a quick session or extended wear - these plugs are perfect for solo or couple’s anal play.



Satisfyer Lolli Anal Plug

Diamond shaped anal sex toys are a bottom’s best friend?


Satisfyer Lolli Anal Plug

Give your backdoor something sweet with the Satisfyer Lolli Anal Plug. This anal vibrator has a conical structure with a diamond-shaped bead-like design, and 2 powerful stimulating motors that send shockwaves from the base to the tip (we won’t say no to that!). The smooth surface is made from body-friendly silicone which makes it easy to insert and ensures you can play safely thanks to its wide, t-shaped base, which also functions as a handle.

This anal vibrator from Satisfyer is great for men and women and makes enjoying anal toys a comfortable and safe experience!



Renegade Knock Knock Anal Plug

Feel the rhythm of the Renegade Knock Knock Anal Plug with every thrust and move.

Renegade Knock Knock Anal Plug

With a thump, thud, and knock, roll into exquisite pleasure with Renegade Knock Knock Anal Plug. A non-vibrating plug this plug truly shows that it’s what’s on the inside that counts! Anatomically designed to curve forward to stimulate the prostate and anterior of the vaginal wall (that’s our “G-Spot” ladies) this plug also featured a free-floating weighted steel ball. Easy to insert, non-complicated, and designed to target all the right spots – this is the perfect toy for our low-maintenance anal fiends.



Final Thoughts

As you can see, there is always a way to take your anal play to the next level - thankfully for us, the sex toy industry has presented with many toys to do this! If you're finding yourself wanting "more" from your anal play - then check out one of the toys we featured on this list. 

Check out our blog, Anal Play: Why People Do The Big "It", for more tips, tricks, and information to get you in the know for the big O! 

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