Top 5 Most Common Sexual Fantasies And Erotic Ideas

Top 5 Most Common Sexual Fantasies And Erotic Ideas

Most people have sexual fantasies. Whether it's about the sexy plumber with bulging muscles that arrives at your house to fix the leaking pipe, or the sexy air stewardess who you join the mile high club with at 40,000 feet, we have all let our minds run wild at some point. 

Therefore, in today’s blog, we are going to look at the most common sexual fantasies. Before we get going, we need to first ask the question - what exactly is a sexual fantasy?


What Exactly Is A Sexual Fantasy?

In short, a sexual fantasy is something that is in your mind that you find erotic. Now, sometimes sexual fantasies can be a bit of a taboo subject. Sometimes they can be quite run of the mill, and sometimes they can be downright outrageous. Whatever yours is, it doesn't really matter.

Sexual fantasies are deeply personal and quite unique to each individual. However, there are some common themes, which is why we're going to look at our top five most common sexual fantasies.

Now it's important to say upfront that you don't actually have to act out your sexual fantasy. It's absolutely fine if you want to keep your fantasy to yourself and keep it within the confines of your imagination.

So now that we have all that sorted out, let’s take a look at the most common sexual fantasies.


1). Role Playing

Role play doesn't have to be costumes, it can be absolutely anything. You don’t have to dress up as Batman or a nurse. You can just take on someone else's personality and that could be a person from real life or someone that you have made up. It doesn't really matter, it's entirely up to you.

So what makes role-play great? Well, it's great for a number of reasons, but the main one is that it allows you to explore different sexual scenarios and expand your pleasure potential all in a safe space. It also allows you unbridled freedom in your fantasy because you're taking on someone else's persona.


2). Restraint Play Or Bondage

sexual fantasy - bondage

Next up we have restraint play or bondage. Now this is a really common sexual fantasy because relinquishing power or retaining power can be a huge turn on. It can also help to increase levels of trust within your relationship.

There are plenty of kinky couples bondage kits in the market for you to try. These come with pretty much everything you need to get started and to dip your toes into the world of restraint play.

When you purchase a bondage kit, make sure the basics are included such as handcuffs, pinwheels, nipple clamps, blindfolds, and suckers. If you really want to step it up, we also recommend candles so you can experiment with hot wax play as well. This can be a massively erotic experience.

Now, our top tip for anyone who's about to begin their journey into BDSM play, is to discuss your boundaries with your partner beforehand so that when you get into it, you're more likely to have a really enjoyable experience. We don’t want things getting too out of hand!


3). Threesomes (see how we made it number 3?)

sexual fantasy - threesome

Now let's talk about a really super common fantasy - threesomes! The idea of a threesome can be a huge turn on, but for many it always stays as just that, an idea. Now, there is a way you can have a threesome without taking it into the real world with real people and that is with sex toys. 

So if you have a penis and you have a partner, you might be able to make use of an additional vagina in the mix using something like a Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit. This toy features a unique ribbing that will bring you to the edge of orgasm again and again. 

For an ultra-realistic experience, Fleshlube can help you to achieve optimal pleasure. You can even enjoy pink lady hands free with Flesh Lights shower mount. So with a toy like this you can tailor make your sexual experience. 

If you're a solo player and have a vagina, you still might have a threesome fantasy. In which case, you can try something like the King Cock Plus 9.5" Triple Density Double Penetrator

This is the perfect toy for a solo threesome and allows you to fulfil your threesome fantasies in a super safe space. This innovative dildo has a stiff inner shaft, a soft outer skin, realistic texture details and a solid suction cup! The improved design and formula offers superior realism with a soft, lifelike exterior, creating the feel and flexibility of a real penis.

Now, because this toy does go up the bum, make sure you use a good quality water-based anal lube with it. Remember the anus isn't self-lubricating so it does need a little helping hand and a good quality water-based anal lube will do that. Also give it a good clean after each and every use, just so it stays nice and hygienic and ready for the next time you want another threesome.


4). Anal

The next fantasy we're going to talk about is anal. Yep, that's right, up the bum stuff. Now, one of the reasons why anal play is so enticing is because it's still seen as being really taboo, and forbidden acts are seen as really sexy. 

Now, you can of course use a finger or a penis to enjoy anal play. However, if you're not really ready for that or you're on your own, then there are toys and kits available which can make it the perfect way to enjoy anal. All you'll need to do is make sure that you've got some good quality water-based anal lube to go alongside the kit. 

Now, an anal kit might not be for you and you may prefer a body part such as a penis however, your anus might not be able to take a penis straight away. So in that case, practise stretching. You can either use one and then two fingers. Make sure your fingers are well lubed and your nails are reasonably short. 

Or, you can invest in an anal dilator kit which will help stretch you over time so that you'll be able to accommodate your desired penis. However, please just remember the following: make sure you use a good quality anal lube and, if you're popping an inanimate object in your bum, make sure it has a flared base so that you don't have any accidents or embarrassing situations!


5). Sexual Fluidity

Our final fantasy revolves around sexual fluidity. This can be considered a fantasy that doesn't exactly go with how you identify in the real world. So for example, your sexually fluid fantasy might be something like same sex sex, if you identify as straight. 

Now, this is completely natural, completely normal and nothing to worry about. Sexual fantasies are yours and yours alone if you so choose. Therefore, feel free to indulge in something like erotic fiction that explores the fantasy you're into. 

You can also have a look online and join different communities or online hubs that share your fantasy. There's also online erotic fiction as well, audio erotic fiction and good old fashioned phone lines as well. There are tonnes of different ways to experience sexual fluidity when it's in fantasy form, all you have to do is have fun finding which way works best for you. 


Final Thoughts

So there you have it, our top five sexual fantasies. In no particular order we touched on anal, restraint play, role-play, threesomes and sexual fluidity fantasies.  

If you are looking for adult sex toys or even ideas to help you explore your sexual fantasies, then please feel free to drop in to one of our stores or call us today on 1800 666 069. We are always here to help!

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