What Is Sexual Health: Sex Toy Cleaning

What Is Sexual Health: Sex Toy Cleaning

Cleaning your sex toys properly is the only non-negotiable when it comes to pleasure… because well, obviously it’s coming into contact with our most intimate areas! But fear not, to look after your toys all you need is an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner, warm water, and a clean dry towel.

To clean, give your toys a quick rinse underwater and then apply your toy cleaner:

Using a Foaming Sex Toy Cleaner:

Pump a generous amount of foam onto the toy, and clean between your hands under running water as if washing your hands, until all foam is removed and rinsed off.

Using a Spray Sex Toy Cleaner:

Spray the toy with cleaner, and let sit for the amount of time required (usually under a minute), then follow by rinsing the toy and focusing on any stubborn areas.

Using a UV Steralisation Bag:

Rinse toys under water and remove any residue. Completely dry with a clean towel, and then place in to the UV steraliser. Close the device and ensure it is properly close, and then power on. This cycle usually last 3 minutes, and remove when finished.


Let your toys air dry in a clean space, or if you’re strapped for time, wipe them with a clean dry towel, however, ensure toys are completely dry before storing them away


The Do's and Dont of Sex Toy Cleaning

  1. DO clean your toys before and after use
  2. DO use an anti-bacterial sex toy cleaner to ensure toys are body-safe
  3. DO remove any batteries and close the battery compartments tightly before cleaning
  4. DO leave your sex toys to air dry thoroughly, or dry with a clean towel
  5. DO store your toys in a clean dry environment (we recommend a satin toy bag)
  6. DON'T put your sex toys away before they are totally dry
  7. DON'T leave your sex toys on a direct heat source to dry


Final Thoughts

As you can see there are a lot of elements that come into play during sexual encounters, and looking after the wellbeing of your own sexual organs. Consent, condoms, personal hygiene, and toy hygiene are just a few of the elements – I could probably go on all day. However, this is an easy-to-read, digestible basic summary of how to look after you and your partners sexual health.

If you have anymore questions or are looking for advice please contact the team on our FREE-CALL line 1800 666 069.


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