How Long-Distance Sex Toys Can Improve Your Relationship

How Long-Distance Sex Toys Can Improve Your Relationship

Whether you're in a long-distance relationship or often find yourself apart from your significant other due to work or other circumstances (looking at you, COVID), it can be frustrating and you may be trying to figure out all the small ways to ensure that your intimacy holds strong. Obviously, everyone’s love language is a bit different, however this may mean juggling FaceTime or Zoom “dates", trying to watch the same shows together (even though we already know you watched THAT episode earlier today without them knowing!), planning visits ahead of time, and of course, indulging in the ultimate solo self-care, orgasms! However, how about when you want to bring your partner in on the fun ?

Well fear not, your orgasms can reach across the globe! Because technology, more specifically sex-tech, is ever-evolving. There are loads of sex toys that are pretty much made to be the newest member in long-distance relationships – because why wait until you’re physically together, when your toy can be controlled through a smartphone app from, well, anywhere. Although you and your partner may not physically be together, at least with these toys and an active imagination, you can pretend!

Whether your partner is on the other side of town or living in a different time-zone, it’s time to move aside Alexa, because app-connected and teledildonic sex toys are the future of technology… or at least until you and your significant other can be together again! 


Long-Distance Sex Toys


What is an App-Enabled Sex Toy?


Famous around the world for their high-quality and high-performing sex toys, We-Vibe have perfected the formula to what makes the perfect couple’s toy – long-distance and remote control!

We-Vibe Nova2We-Vibe Nova2

You can not only invite your partner to control your toy via the app, but there are a number of functions that are there to increase your toy’s potential! For example, out of the many settings available, We-Connect features an interactive Beat Mode, which lets you link your vibration patterns to match up to the beat of a song, so you can really feel that rhythm and flow! Additionally, you have the option of creating customized vibration patterns and intensity shifts. You can literally tailor your orgasmic experience!

We-Connect pairs with your We-Vibe toy (ensure its app compatible first), by using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and lets you control the toy from your smartphone! This can be great for partner play and solo time, as there are also other features like audio and video chat that allow you to share your experience with your partner, as well as let them see your response to the toy.

Available on: Nova 2, Chorus, Sync, Jive, Moxie, Rave, Verge, Vector, Ditto, Pivot, Melt , Wand



The Satisfyer app provides a library of vibration settings and even lets you create your own!  You can choose how you make your vibes, whether it’s using your fingers to draw, your voice to determine the depth of your vibrations, or your favourite music.


The app also allows your partner to control your device from any location and for you to interact using the chat, call and video functions! The perfect stand in for when you and your partner can’t quite be together!

Available on: Sexy Secret Panty VibeStrong One Cock Ring, Panty Vibe with Remote Control



Another leader in app compatible toys, and the name when it comes to sex-tech, it’s no surprise that the Lovense app comes with all the bells ‘n’ whistles, to keep things fun between you and your partner!

Lush 3 Vibrating EggLush 3 by Lovense

Ideal for close control and long-distance control, all Lovense toys can be operated through the Lovense app! This opens up a world of options! In-app messaging and video chat are only a tap away! However, in the app lies true customisation! You can decide which level of vibrations you like for "low", "medium" and "high”, you can also create and save up to 10 patterns, or sync to the beat of your favourite song! As Lovense makes toys for everyone you can also sync your toys together, and control them simultaneously while you play!

Available on: Lush 2, Lush 3, Domi 2, Osci 2, Nora, Ferri, Max 2, Diamo, Edge 2, Hush 1.5


What is a Teledildonic Sex Toy?

Teledildonics is the technical term for sex toys that can connect to each other to create ‘remote sex’. These devices use haptic feedback, which allow the movements of one device to be communicated to another in the form of tactile sensations. For example, moving and putting pressure on one toy will recreate the same motions or vibrations in the other. You get to feel as though you are the one pleasuring your partner rather than them pleasuring themselves, and vice-versa, even when thousands of miles apart!

Max 2 by Lovense

Max 2 App Enable Men's Masturbator by Lovense




Nora by Lovense

Nora App Enabled Vibrator by Lovense


Connect the Nora Vibrator and Max 2 Male Masturbator to your smartphone and open up a world of possibilities. Thanks to their technology, both of you can play together with the Lovense app! Regardless of the combination of the two (you could even use two Nora’s together!) when your toy moves, their toy reacts based on their movements – and vice versa. How cool (or hot *fans-self*) is that?


Now It's Your Turn!

In a time of uncertainty, there is one thing that doesn’t have to be uncertain! Prepare yourself for the unforeseen, or gear up now if you need to, because distance doesn’t need to keep you apart where it really counts!

You can now have long-distance sex in three ways:

  1. Your sex toy controls your partner's toy
  2. Your partner's sex toy controls your toy
  3. Both sex toys sync and interact with each other

If you are looking to buy adult sex toys but aren’t sure what is best for you, please feel free to drop in to one of our stores or call us today on 1800 666 069 and let us help you to find the best sex toys for your needs.

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