Nipple Clamps 101: 17 Kinds That Will Astound You

Nipple Clamps 101: 17 Kinds That Will Astound You

This post will teach you about the many different varieties of nipple clamps available. You will learn about many aspects, which types are harmful, and which types are best for novices.

And even some for the experienced BDSM master or slave. This post will teach you about the many different varieties of nipple clamps available. You will learn about many aspects, which types are harmful, and which types are best for novices.

And even some for the experienced BDSM master or slave.

I'll walk you through each type and answer the following questions:

What makes that particular nipple clamp unique?

Who this sort of nipple clamp is most suited for (and who should consider purchasing one)

What advantages do you stand to gain by purchasing this sort of nipple clamp (Pros)?

Which drawbacks, of course, the type has (Cons)

Where can I buy the greatest nipple clamps in the 'category'?

Let's get started:


Tweezer Nipple Clamps

What is different: Typically have soft tips and are formed like little tweezers. The nipple clamps in the photograph are from Fifty Shades of Grey and received rave reviews.

Who it's for: This is a great nipple clamp for beginners. Choose a tweezer nipple clamp with rubber tips for a delicate pinch.

Pros: Soft pinch. Simple to put on and take off.

Cons: It can be difficult to precisely manage the pressure.

Find our reviews and ranking of the top tweezer nipple clamps right here.


Clover Clamps, Butterfly Clamps and Japanese Nipple Clamps

What makes them unique: These are also known as Japanese nipple clamps, butterfly clamps, or clover clamps. They resemble antique torture devices and appear to be quite sophisticated. They're not as good. They do, however, hurt like an MF. They are frequently accompanied by chains.

Who is it for: Those looking for more painful nipple clamps.

Pros: They look fantastic. Hurt badly, therefore ideal for punishment.

Cons: Make sure you enjoy pain, and never pull them without first relieving the strain.


Aligator Nipple Clamps

alligator nipple clamps

What is different: What makes this nipple clamp unique is that it only has one movable element. In other words, it opens its "mouth" like an aligator. They are extremely prevalent and well-liked. The mechanic pieces are simple to use and intuitive. Usually have a tightening screw as well.

Who is it for: It is suitable for both novices (if the tips are padded with rubber) and experienced users (if the locking mechanism is more difficult or the tips are metal).

Pros: Easy to connect and provides a good pinch. Tightening the screw increases the agony.

Cons: Using the screw to tighten the pinch might be difficult and painful to remove.


Nipple Clamps with Weights

What is different: You've made the nipple clamps heavier. Aligator, butterfly, tweezer, magnetic, or any other sort of locking mechanism can be used. The biggest distinction is that they are extremely hefty. Some even have changeable weights.

Who is it for: Those who enjoy having their nipples pulled without having to rely on someone else to do it for them.

Pros: Increases pain, yet it can increase pleasure even without touching because the movement causes the weights to pull harder than typical clamps.

Cons: Because the weights pull more during movement, it can be difficult to control the amount of pain caused.


Clamps for Nipple Vibration

nipple clamps with vibration

What is different: The vibrator is what distinguishes it. So, when it comes to nipple clamps and vibrators, it's difficult to discover a product that provides you the best of both worlds. However, it adds the enjoyment of vibrating stimulation to the nipples.

Who it's for: Anyone who wants to add another layer of pinching sensation to their nipple clamps. If you have difficulty keeping standard nipple clamps on, consider adding the weight of a vibrator.

Pros: Adds a new depth to the pleasure and can aid in achieving nipple orgasm.

Cons: The nipple clamps usually become weighted and difficult to keep on. A superior vibrator used manually can produce the same type of stimulation.


Small Nipple Clamps

What is different: What differs is the size.

Who is it for: People with smaller nipples because they attach more easily.

Pros: Provides a very gentle pinching feeling. Will be easier to maintain.

Cons: If you desire a firm and intense sensation, the smaller you go usually means a milder pinch.


Nipple Clamps with Chain

nipple clamps and chain

What is different: What makes this unique is that it consists of two nipple clamps joined by a chain, which is subsequently attached to an additional clamp for the clitoris.

Who is it for: Those who want to experiment with clamping for the clitoris.

Pros: Multiple stimulations at once. The chain can be utilised for entertaining games.

Cons: If you opt against using the clit clamp, the extra chain is inconvenient.


Nipple Clamps for Novices

What is different: The difference is that they have a lighter pinch. They are frequently encased in a soft material, such as rubber. And are simple to manage.

Who it's for: People who are new to nipple clamps or have really sensitive nipples.

Pros: Light pinch due to soft tips and a light closing mechanism. Simple to use.

Cons: Getting that extra sensation is difficult.


Electric Nipple Clamps

What is different: These are classified as BDSM because they are nipple clamps that can cause electric shock. These, like vibrating nipple clamps, provide an additional layer of stimulation and fall in the same category as other electro-sex toys.

Who it's for: Fans of BDSM and electro-play who enjoy a nice round of nipple stimulation. If you haven't dabbled in either the electro or BDSM worlds, this may not be for you.

Pros: Electricity, enjoyment, and various nipple stimulation. It can also be used in other places.

Cons: It can be harmful. Especially if done incorrectly.


Nipple Clamps by BDSM

What is different: A broad nipple clamp classification that includes both ball gag and collar nipple clamps. In addition to some of the more uncomfortable nipple clamps. They are also known as extreme nipple clamps if they are really painful and reserved for the most hardened of men.

Who it's for: BDSM aficionados and die-hard users. Before venturing into this form of clamp, you should have experienced at least one nipple toy.

Pros: Tough and painful. Adds a lot of sensation.

Cons: If you have sensitive nipples, these clamps might be really painful.


Other varieties of nipple toys

Sucking mechanism that hooks to your nipple and sucks. They are available in both smaller and larger sizes, resembling more breast pumps.

Nipple vibrators - Unlike nipple clamp vibrators, these are vibrators that do not initially "pinch" your nipples, but instead softly sit and vibrate.

Pussy clamps - If you appreciate nipple clamping and the pinching sensation, perhaps a pussy clamp is for you.

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