Everything You Need To Know About Cowgirl Sex Machines

Everything You Need To Know About Cowgirl Sex Machines

Sometimes vibrators just don't do it for us. Sometimes we need that extra grip, that extra hum, that extra something that vibrators just don't offer. And that extra thing might just be a cowgirl sex machine. I mean, you really don't know if you don't try, right?

Babes, I know we can reach orgasm quite alright with dildos and vibrators. But can you reach orgasm by riding them like a cowgirl? You probably could, but it will take a lot more work than you're probably willing to give.

That's why I think you should consider getting a cowgirl sex machine. But before you go out there to get one, here are some of the things you should probably know first.

They Are Bold

If you're the type who's only in for a soft, silent, and good alone time, this toy will probably change your mind about that. Ordinarily, I'd say you shouldn't get something like this. I'd say you should go for something smaller, you know.

But I've also come to realise that we really should stop shying away from exploring our sexual limits. A decade or two ago, the idea of sex toys being so rampant was not accepted. But nowadays, you can probably leave your dildo hanging around your apartment when you have visitors.

Of course, that's not ideal, but it shows just how welcoming public perception is of sex toys today. So if you feel like getting a two thousand dollar sex machine disguised as a saddle, there's no better time in the history of the world to get it.

Comfort And Style

Like most sex toys, the cowgirl sex machine is extremely aesthetically pleasing. It looks sleek, sophisticated and is made with premium vegan leather. It is also very comfortable — and why wouldn't it be? After all, the entire thing is handcrafted.

Remote Controlled

When I first got mine, the first question I asked myself was whether I could figure out how the entire contraption worked. Upon figuring it out, I became quite ecstatic because the entire machine can be remote-controlled.

This means that you can adjust the thrust speed and rotations to whatever cadence you prefer during a ride. Imagine a ride where you only had to click the button to get whatever vibrations and rotations you wanted.

The machine comes with a 360-degree swivel rotation for penetration and has  6 altering patterns of vibrations and variable speeds. What this means is that you can get to orgasm heaven in about six different ways — at least.

And all of these can be controlled through a remote controller, or even through your phone.


The performance of this machine is simply out of this world. First off, it features a 360-degree swivel rotation for penetration, so you know that base is completely covered. Aside from that, it's ultra-powerful and transmits about 1200 RPM of ultra-strong vibrations.

It comes with two attachments. There's one that's optimised to hit your G-spot right where you need it to be hit, and there's the second that's perfectly made for external stimulation. So it doesn't matter what you like — you are going to get that orgasm, and it's going to be mind-blowing and will leave you weak at the knees.

And lastly, the entire thing requires absolutely no setup. It's just plug-and-play.

That's it. That's everything you can know about cowgirl sex machines through reading. To learn more, you'll have to get the machine yourself and use it — because only using it can explain how different it will feel to you. 

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