Common Myths About Female Sex Toys: Debunked!

Common Myths About Female Sex Toys: Debunked!

Sex toys are a godsend! Even though they are so prevalent in today's culture (let's be honest, practically every young lady has one), there are still a lot of myths around them. No one likes to have an open discussion about sex toys, their care, which ones are the safest, and all the other taboo topics. Such discussions, however, are crucial.

So we are here to get serious with you because you need to know the truth about these common sex toy myths.

Sex toys are just for single women

They are used by a wide range of people. Sex toys are used by people of all genders, orientations, and relationship circumstances, according to statistics. In fact, 78% of users say they are in a relationship. Toys are sometimes reserved for solo play, although many people utilise them in partnered-sex as well. They are used in numerous sexual encounters, exactly like lubricants, condoms, and massage oil.

Sex or orgasms caused by sex toys are not "real" or "natural."

What, after all, is real sex? We each have our own reasons for having sex: is it for connection? Release? Pleasure? Orgasm? Intimacy? Reproduction? Toys can be used in sex for any cause, including reproduction (though you'll need some additional materials for that as well).

What is true is that technology is a part of everyday life, from communication and employment to the production and shipment of everything from roses to condoms, from where our food comes from to transportation. Whether or not toys are involved, any sort of relationship that promotes connection, closeness, and pleasure appears natural and genuine. And sex with toys can feel just as wonderful or better, so we think it's extremely real.

You might get replaced by a sex toy

Nobody has ever left a relationship because they fell in love with a toy. Toys do not snuggle, are rarely enjoyable to lick and kiss, and do not make good dinner companions (though they are excellent at listening without interrupting). People who utilise toys in partnered sex, on the other hand, can be better lovers by adding pleasure in ways that work for everyone.

Some people believe that "giving" a partner an orgasm without the assistance of devices demonstrates their sexual ability and competence. However, what a penis, tongue, or hands can do is not always as effective as playing with toys. This reality reflects what the receiving partner needs rather than the skill of the delivering pair. It's critical to remove the ego from the equation and be receptive to whatever helps a partner feel pleasure in order to "give" more fully. This method is more likely to minimise both false pleasure and orgasms.

Sex toys can decrease sensitivity.

it’s simply not true — your body just becomes used to how the toy gets you off. The sensation will always be there whether you’re getting stimulated by a finger or sex toy. In fact, most women need a little extra help to orgasm and sex toys are a great way to achieve it.

Butt plugs are only for people who enjoy anal sex.

While many individuals who use butt plugs might disagree, that isn't the sole reason. Butt plugs are also useful for preparing an anus for anal intercourse since they aid in its expansion. Bum sex virgins frequently utilise them as a slow, progressive method to prepare for their first time, and it is considered to be quite beneficial. And, while we're on the subject, they're not necessarily large; they may also be little.

Buying sex toys is shameful.

This is completely false. Purchasing sex gadgets should be normalised and encouraged! Purchasing sex toys is extremely empowering. It demonstrates that you value pleasure, are adventurous and lively, and like sex! There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact, I would describe you as courageous and a fantastic sexual partner. Yes, purchasing sex toys may be quite intimidating at times. Going to a sex store also requires a little determination. However, in the world of internet shopping, you may purchase and have them delivered discreetly with no problems! It's time to go exploring!

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