Introducing Bad Dragon

Introducing Bad Dragon

You might have heard of Bad Dragon if you're into fantasy dildos or the  furry subculture.

The fantasy-themed dildos made by these guys are some of the craziest, most unusual, and most interesting on the market. All of their award-winning products are highly realistic, of high quality, and, often, wildly bizarre.

We can help you out with more information, as well as with acquiring your very own Bad Dragon dildo to spice up your bedroom antics. You'll find everything you need right here!

What's Bad Dragons?

Bad Dragon Enterprises, Inc. manufactures fantasy-themed sex toys in the United States. The company has been making platinum-cured silicone fantasy dildos since 2008. Over the years, they've gained a reputation for excellence. Their products are aimed solely at fantasy fans, which distinguishes them from other sex toy manufacturers. All of their dildos are based on various make-believe dragons and other fantastical creatures created by their expert designers and artisans

They really go all out to bring these mythical creatures to life, keeping with their brand mission of "making fantasies real." For the purpose of making the experience for their customers feel more "real," each dildo includes an extensive description and background on the dragon it is based on. Bad Dragon also sells penetrable toys, packers, Lil' Vibes (smaller dildos/vibrators), Lil' Squirts (small dildos/lube applicators), and other merchandise and accessories in addition to dildos.



Visually Attractive Goods - Some of the most interesting, intricately made dildos can be purchased from Bad Dragon. Their skilled artisans use a special mold-making method to produce incredibly intricate, imaginative, and high-textured designs. Every bump, ridge, and vein on their dildos have been meticulously created to be both aesthetically appealing and realistic. This is what dragons' dicks would appear like if they really did exist.

However, you and your partner don't have to be into that sort of thing to appreciate the designs. Without considering fantasies, some people may find the unusual textures and eye-catching designs of Bad Dragon dildos to be attractive sex objects.


Excellent Quality - Bad Dragon dildos don't just appear the part; they also act the part. The company is renowned for using cutting-edge technology and materials to create incredibly strong, long-lasting, high-quality toys at affordable prices. You can be sure you're getting a well-made toy because Bad Dragon dildos are made in the USA using premium platinum-cured silicone. If you like to experiment with temperature play, it might be worthwhile to add a Bad Dragon dildo to your toy collection because they are so strong that they can allegedly withstand extreme temperature changes.

Shape- It's possible for bad dragons to go a little crazy. They can be somewhat anatomically accurate or entirely alien. Additionally, not all of their 'dildos' are penis-shaped; they also offer tongues, tails, and even tentacles.

The overall experience is greatly influenced by the shape. Choose something that fits the bill after considering what you or your partner would feel comfortable wearing, as well as how various textures and bulges might feel.

To be on the safe side, if you're new to fantasy dildos, you might want to start with something a little more "vanilla." It's cool to experiment, but these dildos can get pricey, so you don't want to shell out a lot of money upfront for something outrageous only to discover it doesn't feel good later and never use it.


Firmness- Additionally, Bad Dragon dildos frequently have firmness levels that can be adjusted. Depending on your preferences, you can choose how hard or soft you want your dildo to be. Three distinct firmness levels are available: Soft, Medium, and Firm.

The softest firmness level is the softest and is very easy to compress and bend. The size and type of dildo you purchase may have trouble standing up straight on its own at this firmness.

While firm dildos will be very difficult to compress and will easily hold their own shape, medium firm dildos are slightly more difficult to compress, won't bend as easily, but are still fairly pliable. They have a propensity to spring back strongly after being bent. A good rule of thumb is that the firmness should be softer the larger the toy. Soft is best for large and XL dildos, and Firm is best for small and mini dildos. But, in the end, it's up to you.


Suction Cups- Whether or not you want your dildo to include a suction cup is another thing to think about. Only some models of dildos are compatible with adding this feature, which is optional and costs extra.

The dildo can be easily attached to any surface thanks to a suction cup that adheres to the bottom of it. To go hands-free, you can mount it to a chair, table, wall, mirror, floor, or any other surface, and it will remain in place.


Cumtubes- Certain Bad Dragon dildos work with "cumtubes." A cumtube is a small plastic tube that runs through the middle of the toy and can be added as an extra on some compatible dildos to simulate ejaculation.

To add an extra level of authenticity, you can fill the cumtube with fake lube or cum and squeeze it at just the right time. If you're interested in this, be sure to select a product that is compatible.

That concludes our introduction guide to Bad Dragon Dildos. Where to buy these bad boys?

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