Can You Get Waterproof Egg Vibrators And Bullets?

Can You Get Waterproof Egg Vibrators And Bullets?

The pleasure a vibrator gives is close to none, and I’m pretty sure my vibrator lovers agree with me. The streams of pleasure a vibrator produces especially when used in the right spot and at the right angle, are heavenly, and the feeling is out of this world. I can’t find words to describe the extreme height of ecstasy you experience from a small but mighty egg and bullet vibrators, and I’m sure those who have tried it agree with me.

Vibrators have won the hearts of so many women and even men to the extent that some women can’t go a day without having an hour of getting that extreme feeling of pleasure and ecstasy. You might be thinking why men have any interest in vibrators. You might be surprised, but men also have their way of generating so much erotic pleasure in their little zones with these wonderful tiny creations. It is known that men can use bullet vibrators to create simulations around their weak spots, like their balls and even nipples.

Yes! Some men enjoy their nipples being stimulated, and it gives them a great spectrum of enjoyment and pleasure. And some of the other ways they derive pleasure is by masturbating using the egg vibrator to stimulate all-around their penis to induce more waves of pleasure. 

Are There Waterproof Egg Vibrators And Bullets?

Of course, you can get the water-proof bullet and egg vibrators. The majority of the sex toys produced by industries are made electrostatically proof. That does not exclude the king and queen of vibrators, bullet and egg vibrators. There are varieties of waterproof vibrators that exist in different colours, shapes, lengths, widths, and thicknesses.

Sometimes, we just want to relax in the shower or bathtub and enjoy a few minutes of orgasm before starting the day or even after a very stressful day at work. And then, just because of your non-waterproof vibrator, your desire doesn’t get fulfilled. That’s why the waterproof vibrator stands out.

If you want to enjoy freedom with your vibrator, that feeling of happiness you get knowing you can use your vibrator any time and anyway, the options are endless. It could be the few moments we expend at the little corner of our office to enjoy that short heavenly feeling or it could be you taking time in the shower because you want to enjoy the pleasure of orgasm before finally going to be. Either way, you need to get yourself a sexy and tempting vibrator that is suitable for all conditions.

What Materials Are Eggs And Bullets Made From?

Now, the most important factor to consider when purchasing a sex toy is its material. You don’t want to get a vibrator that puts you at a high risk of getting an infection down there; neither do we want to get a sex toy that puts us at risk of releasing chemical toxins into our body. The best feeling in the world is having a high level of orgasmic pleasure with a sex toy you trust to be safe sp you can fully relax and have nothing to worry about.

That’s one of the selling points of a waterproof vibrator. It is safe and gives you a sense of security and trust. Why is this?

Okay, so many of these waterproof vibrators are made of the best materials you can find in the sex toy industry. Most of them are made up of silicon, glass and metal. The best has always been silicon due to its level of affordability, its smooth and fine surface, and also its effectiveness in preventing bacterial infection or any infection at all. It’s always advisable to not use these toys alone. It’s best used with a water-based lubricant to give the full fire of ecstasy.

Glass is also good as it prevents infection build up and also has the ability to change temperature according to your wants. Unlike other sex toys that have their constant temperature or room temperature, glass vibrators can be placed in warm or cold water to change their temperature according to whichever you prefer.

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