Open The Sex Toy Kit For A Fun and Passionate Night

Open The Sex Toy Kit For A Fun and Passionate Night

I often tell people that pretty much the only thing better than one sex toy is two sex toys — or better still, an actual sex toy kit.

If you've been finding it difficult to enjoy sex with your partner, sex toy kits might just be that secret ingredient you need to add to spice up your sex life. 

First off, why should you get a sex toy kit? What makes sex toy kits so interesting that you've got to get one? 

The answers to that question are many, but I'll only be going through a few of them before I talk about what this article is actually about — a sex toy kit that will change your sex life forever.

You'll Sleep Better

The first reason why you should get a sex toy kit is that sex toy kits help you have fuller and more varied orgasms, which makes it easier for you to sleep well at night. Having an orgasm just before you sleep can guarantee you quality shut-eye time. That's because your orgasms help your brain produce a sleep-inducing hormone called prolactin.

So if you've got problems with sleeping at night, or you battle insomnia, maybe getting a sex toy kit and having an orgasm just before you fall asleep might just be the right antidote to your illness.

It Helps You Beat Stress

You already know this by now, but orgasms are notorious stress killers. And it isn't just because orgasms make you feel better. It's because orgasms release a hormone called oxytocin and serotonin in our minds. These hormones are called feel-good hormones because they help us feel good. They are also stress relievers because they help our brains relax and relieve us of all the stress jumbled up in our bodies. 

So if you have more orgasms, you'll have less stress. And what's one sure way to have more orgasms? Through a sex toy kit.

It Helps Expand Your Understanding Of Pleasure

If you use only one sex toy during your alone time, you'll probably orgasm. However, you may not feel the range of pleasure that you are capable of feeling with a sex toy kit. Since these kits usually come with several sex toys, they allow you to feel a richer range of pleasure. So you literally won't know what you're missing until you get one.

Open The First Time Fantasy Sex Toy Kit For A Fun and Passionate Night

If you haven't gotten a sex toy kit before, then you should probably start with Open The First Time Fantasy Kit

However, this sex kit comes with a twist. Instead of just being a plain old vibrator collection, a kit of dildos of different sizes, it's a fantasy fetish kit.

That is, it comes with a feather tickler, a love mask, breathable ball gag, rope whip, and love dice. It's precisely the kind of sex kit you should get if you want to have a night of fun and passion with an adventurous partner. 

If you are looking for adult sex toys to help you broaden your sexual horizons and explore the wonders of masturbation, then please feel free to drop into one of our stores or call us today on 1800 666 069. We are always here to help!

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