What's It Like To Be A Sex Worker?

What's It Like To Be A Sex Worker?

Humans generally have a very strange relationship with sex. On one hand, we have an ungodly amount of it— that's why condom sales are through the roof, and we are seven billion people on the planet. On the other hand, we try to say as little as we can about sex, and even less about the noble people who offer it as a service. However, this article won't do that. Today, we'll be talking about sex work. After all, it's the oldest profession in the world.

First of all, before we move forward, the information in this article isn't based on any one single-sex worker but is instead an aggregation of feelings about sex work by sex workers.

When people see a sex worker, they often imagine someone who's down on their luck, and cannot find any other well-paying job. While that is certainly true for a significant amount of the sex worker population, it's certainly not true for all of them. This idea that sex work is a last-minute decision or a plan Z if you like, stems from the belief that sex workers surely can't be dignified.

And that's not only wrong but also harmful to sex workers who genuinely enjoy their work.

How Does It Feel To Be A Sex Worker?

The answer to this question mostly depends on why you got into sex work in the first place. If you got into it because you'd like to pay some bills, see yourself through school, or take care of your family, you probably wouldn’t like it very much. 

Sure, some sex workers got into the profession for some of those reasons and ended up staying involved longer than they anticipated because they enjoyed it. However, a majority just endure the sex, get their money, and look forward to the end date. If you get into sex work because you think you'd enjoy the experience, you love having sex, and think it's great money, you'll most likely have a great time. 

There Is Always A Demand For Sex Workers

The thing about sex work is that there are always customers— even on a slow night, there's always someone who wants to have amazing company for the night. If you're lucky and get approached by sensible clients, you'll have a great time and even get paid. Sadly, there are times you may not get lucky and may have to deal with difficult clients.

However, that isn't an inherent part of the job— it's just evidence of the lack of government protection for sex workers. That's where it's important to only do sex work in safe cities where there's at least a semblance of protection for sex workers. Once you get that figured out, you're good to go.

The last thing you should know about sex workers is that, while their primary offer is sex, it isn't always sex. Some clients are just looking for a warm embrace, a listening ear, and someone to laugh with for the night.

These clients are mostly just looking for a safe space. Their partners are likely giving them grief at home. Or they may even be lonely and may not have partners. These people come to sex workers, not for sex, but succor. And they accept them. Like we should.

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