Be Daring Adult Mystery Items

Discover something new… in the sexiest way possible!

Whether you’re struggling to think of the right sexy gift, or you’re not really sure where to start, or you just want to try something new – then try one of our BeDaring Adult Mystery Items. We’ve taken out the hard work and picked for you!

Our Adult Mystery Items are hand-selected and especially sourced from our extensive sex toy range, seriously reduced in price, and are wrapped in house by our passionate team!

You won’t know what’s coming but we can assure you it is incredible value for what you’re paying! All you need to do is choose your price point and we’ll sort out the rest.

With three different price points, the Mystery Items are designed to suit any budget!

  • $19 Mystery Item
  • $29 Mystery Item
  • $39 Mystery Item

As you can see, our Mystery Items, are an incredible experience with an exciting sense of intrigue, mystery, and crazy savings. Our Mystery Items are an extremely exciting deal, so pick up a BeDaring Mystery Item today and be daring…. Are you feeling lucky?

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