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Make your sexual prowess stand out with our seductive lingerie, which has something erotic for everyone. Online shopping for beautiful lingerie. Choose from a variety of lingerie brands and styles. A delicate teddy provides a more subtle seduction, but a curve-hugging bodystocking captures your partner's attention. Alternatively, you can reinvent yourself with sensual costumes and men's sexy gs and jockstraps. Babydolls, chemises, corsets and bustiers, crotchless panties, sexy gowns, stockings, and hosiery are examples of other sexy lingerie.

Types of Sexy Lingerie

Bustier and Corsets: The Classics Corsets and bustiers have been used as both lingerie and outerwear for generations to mould and emphasise curves. This classic piece of underwear produces a traditionally feminine profile by cinching the waist and supporting the breasts. Corsets are frequently the focal point of a sultry lingerie appearance rather than basic daily wear these days. Fortunately, current corsets are far more comfortable than Victorian-era counterparts. If you like the look and feel of a corset but prefer less boning and cinching, a bustier is a great option that doesn't trade style for comfort.

Babydolls and Chemises: Elegance Meets Sensuality While both babydolls and chemises appear to be short nightgowns, there are some significant variances. Chemises are typically fitted snugly and skim the body, ending around the mid-thigh. Babydolls have a looser shape, a lower hemline, and are frequently adorned with cups for more chest support. Babydolls and chemises, with their dress-like shapes, highlight your breast and hips while drawing attention to your waist. There's bound to be a babydoll or chemise that's a good fit for you in a variety of cuts and materials. In the bedroom, layer these pieces over a bra and pantyhose for a fresh take on the lingerie you already own. 

Body Suits: A Bold Statement The bodysuit is the equivalent of a one-piece swimsuit to a bikini. It covers from the shoulders to the hips, similar to a leotard, and typically has a crotch closure. Some bodysuits can be worn with trousers or skirts as a top that never needs to be tucked in; the racier ones are a fun alternative to multi-piece lingerie sets. Bodysuits provide breast support as well as shaping and smoothing. The material can range from lace to sheer to everything in between, so you can choose something that is both cute and comfy. Teddies, like bodysuits, are one-and-done pieces of lingerie; however, unlike bodysuits, they are intended to be worn only in the bedroom. Many teddies have plunging necklines or are made of sensuous materials such as lace. Coverage, cuts, and closures differ, but all teddies are designed to move with the body, making you feel both comfortable and beautiful.

Sexy Knickers: The Essential Basics A sexy pair of underwear can stand solo or be paired with a matching cami or bra for a low-maintenance (but high-impact) look. A bikini is a classic cut style that's rise is low—but not too low—and offers coverage in the back while still looking cute and flirty. 

Sets: Coordinating Sexy Lingerie Looks Lingerie sets are a unique complement to every woman's wardrobe. It's nice to have a beautiful set waiting in your wardrobe for a special occasion, but many lingerie sets are also great for everyday wear! If you're getting into lingerie for the first time, a matching set is a great place to start. Finding a set of underwear that you enjoy wearing is a terrific investment. Even if you don't wear the matching plunge bra and pantyhose set at the same time, you'll have the option. Furthermore, buying in a high-quality bra and knickers combo that suits your body and flatters your shape can help you feel comfortable even when wearing nothing. 

Crotchless Lingerie: Add Spice to your sex life. Crotchless lingerie is intended to spice up your underwear closet. When it comes to material, the sky is the limit: these pieces are available in a variety of fabrics ranging from silk to sheer to lace. You're also not restricted to panties. There are other styles to try, such as body stockings, teddies, and chemises. Crotchless lingerie is also available in all sizes, so you'll be able to pick a piece that fits perfectly and appears to be custom-made for you.

Materials That Define the Best Sexy Lingerie

Discuss how different fabrics enhance the sexiness of lingerie pieces.

Luscious Lace: Lace is one of the most iconic lingerie fabrics. Lace's delicacy makes it ideal for lingerie, whether as a whole fabric or a little trim. Modern lingerie lace is nearly always machine-manufactured and is often made of nylon with elastane added for elasticity when needed. For a heavier hand, it is occasionally constructed with metallic threads or even cotton fibers.

Sultry Satin: Satin is a woven cloth with a satin texture. A satin is woven with one direction of its threads crossing on top of several threads traveling the opposite direction. This reflects more light and results in a smooth, shiny surface. What makes satin so appealing in lingerie? It's certainly lovely! Plus, satin has a smoother touch than plain woven fabric, making it ideal for close-fitting clothes. It can be found in practically every lingerie item, from the cup of a bra to the body of a chemise. 

Mesmerising Mesh: Mesh fabric is an umbrella word for any fabric with gaps between its threads. A hexagonal mesh is frequently used in lingerie. This fabric gets its name from the six-sided form of its negative space, and it can be used for a variety of purposes, including as a rigid sheer basis for embroidery, stiff tulle trim on a nightgown, or the flexible body of a pair of sheer panties.

Sustainable Sexy: Organic Choices There is a vast amount of research going into the production of sustainable materials within the lingerie industry. Think of the lingerie--most of us think of it as a necessity, as it helps women to feel empowered and comfortable within their own skin. So, to make this sustainable and to be able to connect more with the environment it’s a win-win, right?

Sexy Lingerie for Every Body Type

Highlight sexy pieces for all shapes and sizes. 

Petite Temptations: Be Daring specializes in providing a range of lingerie for all the petite and/or small-busted ladies who have difficulty finding lingerie that fits. Our lingerie is sophisticated or sexy, to bring out your inner goddess. Our range caters to all such ladies, bringing beauty back to the smaller sizes.

Statuesque Elegance in Sexy Lingerie Nothing says seduce and tease like Be Daring lingerie, whether wrapped in lace, draped in satins, or snug in leather. Enticed by pleasure and desire, enter a world of luxury designed to easily capture the attention of any lover. Lingerie was designed to celebrate and enhance any event.

Plus Size: Bold and Beautiful Silky, sensuous, and sexy. Plus size underwear to own and wear. From delicate lace bodysuits to stunning satin plus-size Basques, our curvy lingerie collection is designed to shape and support. Look through our alluring plus-size intimates. There's everything from barely-there strappy suspender belts to embroidered corsets and the classic plus-size babydoll. Shop our plus-size lingerie sets for an elegant and sumptuous look.

Colour and Its Impact Dive into how colors play a crucial role in mood setting.

The Classic Black: It goes without saying that black lingerie looks great on every woman. As a result, we should all have black underwear in our lingerie drawers. It's seductive. We look professional in it. We appear toner. The attention is focused on our assets. Men adore it. A black bra strap poking out from under any color is never a terrible thing. 

Pure and Innocent Whites: The natural aspect of white makes it an absolute must in any lingerie outfit. White is associated with purity, sanctity, and peace. It is also connected with bohemian styling that is simple, polished, and stylish. Be Daring lingerie is colourful and vibrant.

Romantic Reds: Sultry red-hot lingerie that's sure to turn heads. Nothing shouts luxury like gorgeous red lace lingerie sets, waist-cinching corsets, and sumptuous loungewear. Our underwear will get your heart beating when paired with our matching stockings and lace gowns.

Bold and Exotic Colours: Your underwear, on the other hand, reflects who you are and who you want to be. That is why the colour you choose is crucial. It should demonstrate your inventiveness and courage. Keep this in mind as you browse and explore various designs of underwear. Instead of simply hiding, you want to do something truly risky. There are numerous styles and colors available. It should be worthwhile to look at what's available and decide what suits you and what you'd like to attempt.

Sexy Lingerie FAQs

How to care for lingerie?

The first step is to examine the care label. It is commonly found to be sewn into a seam. Before washing your underwear, always carefully read the label. We’ve provided some pointers below, but the manufacturer's care instructions always take precedence over any general advice, so read them carefully. In general, our advice is to hand wash lingerie to keep it looking great for ages. And bustiers, corsets, and Basques should always be washed by hand. But it does depend on the type and quality of the materials used, so again - check the care label. 

How to buy lingerie for women?

Buying lingerie for your significant other? What information should you have before making a purchase? Experts advise attempting to determine their size. Before you go shopping, check their underwear drawer for her bra and panty size. Take note of the designs on their previous knickers as well. Consider her personality and unique style: Are they sexy, sweet, elegant, or fashion-forward? These, combined with other considerations such as her favorite hue, should help you decide on a style. 

How do a basque, a bustier, and a corset differ from each other?

Basque- Basques sit close to your figure, enhancing your curves, while gently shaping the natural curvature of your body. This version can lift and shape the breasts, as there is typically an underwire bra built into the garment. It has a longer length kissing the top of your hips to just a little over the top of the hip. While it may have flexible boning to achieve gentle shaping, the fabric and overall construction are meant to skim and hug but are not as restrictive or compressive as a traditional corset or Basque. They tend to be decorative and may have attached or removable suspenders for hosiery.

Bustier- A more contemporary look. This could be just what you're looking for in special event gowns or bridal clothing. Consider a fancy bra combined with fancy shapewear. It has a more flexible structure with stretch panels, lace inserts, soft plastic boning, and/or elastic. They are often shorter in length than a corset or Basque, falling at/or above the hip or above the waist. This item shapes the body into a sleek profile. It forms, elevates, and divides the breasts. Bustiers are fastened using typical hook-and-eye closures, like those seen on bras. These are less expensive than corsets but no less special considering their purpose.

Corset- Corset styles might differ depending on the maker or the purpose. Corsets can be worn either overbust or underbust. This entails either hiding the breasts or sitting beneath them. Length normally ends at or above the hip. The back laces and steel boning emphasise the waist, while coverage over the hips emphasises the dramatic difference between the chiseled waist and rounded hips, producing the coveted hourglass form. The garment creates a smooth, sleek profile with a focus on waste [reduction. It's all about the hourglass once more. Over bust corsets, unlike bras and other apparel, are not intended to define and sculpt the breasts. The breasts are pulled up and in, but not always flattened. Again, this is due to the emphasised curves and waist shortage.

Can I return or exchange an item if I'm not satisfied with my sexy lingerie purchase?

We sell beautiful value for value-for-money sexy lingerie. We hope that you are going to love every piece that you buy. However, if you don't want a garment for any reason then you may return garments that do not fit or meet your expectations up to 30 days after receipt for a full 100% refund. The garment returned must be in “as new” condition and returned with original packaging.

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