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Buying a Vibrator?

So you’re purchasing your first vibrator, or you may be a seasoned professional that’s looking for something a bit different or unique. Don’t worry, we’ll soon have you buzzing with the best vibrators in the market today. These high-quality, battery-operated vibrators will be your new best friend in the bedroom, office or whenever you’re aching for that sexual release. With the ease and convenience of USB charging, you can take these pleasure providers almost anywhere. The only limits are your imagination and your willingness to experiment>

Benefits of a Vibrator

Our range of soft silicone vibrators and clitoral stimulators are perfect for that special occasion in which you feel the urge to let the inner-devil out, or when you just want a ‘No-BS’ friend to help you get the job done. The ease of changing the vibrational patterns and speeds means you can quickly change the intensity levels as easily as the ‘flick of a clit’. This allows you to lay back, relax and fully enjoy the sensations generated by these pleasure providers. Something as simple as a bullet vibrator or even a larger wand vibrator can help you reach a state in which all the endorphins and dopamine in your body are released at such an explosive rate, all the world's problems will be left behind in a matter of seconds. Whatever the situation, we can help you enjoy all the benefits that a vibrator can offer you.

Huge Vibrator Selection

Not sure about what sort of vibrator you want? We’ve got you covered ???? We have a large selection of soft silicone vibrators that are sure to please everyone and anyone. From our small ‘pocket-rockets’ to our curved g-spot vibrators, you are sure to find a vibrator that will allow you to experience earth shattering orgasms whenever and wherever you want. Our vibrator prices are super affordable, and our payment methods are convenient and easy which means before you know it, you’ll be sprawled out enjoying your new best friend almost as soon as it’s delivered. Why wait for the quake when you can make your own legs shake with our wide selection of vibrators that will guarantee the very best clitoral and inner sensations you’re ever likely to experience.

Best Vibrator

We believe in the Quality of your sexual experience, whether you want your escape to be with the firemen from Magic Mike, or you want to sneak off to the toilet during your lunch break at work to release some sexual tension. That’s why there is no real ‘best vibrator’ - rather, the best vibrator is one that allows you to enjoy your fantasy anywhere, anytime. We want you to feel the best climax every single time, and for you to do that you need the tools of the trade. For gentle and slow releases when you’re alone, we recommend the ‘Charming Smile Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator’ by SatisfyerVibes. However, if you’re craving for that ‘Mile-High’ experience, why not try out the ‘Satisfyer Pro Traveler Clitoral Stimulator’. The sexual world is your oyster, and your fantasy should be enjoyed to its absolute fullest, just the way you want it. Choose a vibrator from our wide selection of options today and give us your feedback on how your fantasies were met.

What to Look for in a Vibrator

We want to make sure that you achieve the most pleasure possible from your vibrator. What to look for in a vibrator depends purely on how you intend to use it and what you’re trying to get out of it. If you’re looking to stimulate your g-spot and clit at the same time, then a rabbit vibrator is perfect for those situations where you know exactly what you want and want it fast. On the other hand, if you want a subtle and more discreet ‘pocket-rocket’ to fit in your purse for that quick hit of pleasure, then choose a smaller bullet stimulator. Or maybe you prefer a remote-controlled vibrator which has easy-to- change vibration intensity settings for that slow and progressive climax? If that sounds like you, then buy our remote-controlled clitoral stimulators for that hands free experience. Our diverse range of vibrators can be suitably charged via a simple USB port which means that no matter where you are, recharging in a hurry shouldn’t be a problem. For every occasion and every mood, we have you covered. Most of our vibrator’s buzz at just about any intensity you desire. We have everything from that slow and gentle release to that sporadic buzz that will launch you into the orgasmic stratosphere. No matter what your need is, we’ve got your back. Each of our vibrators are extremely easy to clean and prepare for your next rush and they’re made with the best and safest materials ensuring that each use is exactly the same as your first. We already have thousands of satisfied vibrator lovers that have purchased from us, so why not join them and give yourself that earth shattering orgasm you deserve today?

How long do vibrators last?

Based on our 5-star customer feedback, our high-quality A-grade vibrators last for up to two hours from one charge, if you’re lusting for that little bit extra during your sexcapade. This doesn’t mean it won’t last longer – some vibrators can be plugged in while you’re using it or you can even buy another one as a backup. and to be fair, when you’re having the type of orgasm your neighbours can hear, who doesn’t get a little carried away? So it’s highly recommended to get another sex toy to make sure you always have a backup. And part of Be Daring’s Warranty policy every rechargeable vibrator comes with a 1 year warranty.

Is it safe to use a vibrator during pregnancy?

Sex toys, like dildos and vibrators, are safe during pregnancy, though make sure that anything you introduce into the vagina is clean before you use it. For most low-risk pregnancies, sex, masturbation, and yes, internal or external use of your vibrator is safe. In fact, these can all be great forms of stress relief, take your mind off some of the discomforts of pregnancy, and give you the opportunity to get to know your pregnant body. This is also highly recommended if your own partner isn’t in the mood. We all have those aches for a release especially when you’re craving a bit of action – so it’s even easier to control your own release when you’re ready to get the job done (rather than waiting!) If you are unsure, clear it with your doctor first to make sure you’re not at risk of any potential complications.

Should I use a condom while using a vibrator?

Sex toy safety matters. Some chemicals used in them can be harmful, and keeping them clean can be difficult. There’s an easy solution: Use a condom with your toys. We’d recommend ribbed condoms for that little bit of extra pleasure, otherwise – just use a water-based lubricant to make sure that it’s sliding in and out as you please.

How can I keep my vibrator clean?

We recommend using an anti bacterial toy cleaner For all of our water-proof vibrators, simply wash them with warm/hot water and wipe them down to dry them.

What are the Benefits of Using a Vibrator?

Using a vibrator is almost essential in these stress-filled times we live in. Whether you’ve had a hard-day at work, an untimely fight with your partner or you just have a plain craving to release some sexual tension, a vibrator is your best friend during your time of need. One of the many benefits of masturbation—with or without a device—is that it stimulates endorphins and dopamine into our brains and bodies, which not only helps us deal with stress and anxiety, but also can lead to a better night's sleep. Don’t waste your hard earned money on another ‘crappy-date’ or a ‘friend with not so good benefits’ - invest in yourself. Invest in your own high quality, soft silicone battery operated sex toy and enjoy the benefits on demand.

Can I use this with a friend?

We do not recommend sharing your vibrator due to hygienic reasons however if you do it is recommended to ensure it is cleaned with an anti-bacterial cleaner and use a condom on the toy. However with the right care your climax can be their climax as well which will always be a rollercoaster of ups and ups (and ups) as you cum back for more. As a matter of fact, why not save some time and instead of waiting for separate deliveries, order both now to make sure you’re ready to go when you and your friend feel the need for a friendly orgasm together.

I’m new and shy, what should I do?

Get our ‘Miss-Bi by Fun Factory Dual Stimulator’ and start off slow and easy. You need to get yourself in the mood first so light up a few scented candles, spray a little bit of lavender on your bed sheets, get your favourite water-based lubricant and pop on your ‘go-to’ porn on the laptop or even chuck on your favourite Spotify songs. Dim the lights down, relax and then do what feels natural. Once you can feel your blood pumping into your clit, start your sex toy up and begin nice and slow. Play around your whole body with your toy, feel it, be one with it. Feel each buzz and vibe. Caress it. Then start applying the lubrication onto the silicone shaft (if you’re feeling extra naughty, rub what you’ve released onto it as well). From there, do what feels natural with your new best friend, let your body pulsate as your clitoral stimulator takes control. Insert the shaft just as you feel the uncontrollable urge to climax and then let your body go as you take off into the sexual stratosphere. Once you’re done, rinse and repeat.

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