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Buy Smoking Accessories Online

At BeDaring we offer a large range of smoking accessories that any modern smoker can utilize! Some of them you probably haven’t heard of before, but you’ll be wishing you did. So, make your life easier, and get the ultimate smoking accessories!

Be Daring now offer smoking accessories, including:
Rolling papers
Flavored cigar wraps and tips
Personal air filters
Digital scales
Stash Jars
Smell-proof carry bags
And much much more!

We’ve specially sourced from the market leaders Smokebuddy, Toker Poker, Pure HEMP and RAW, to offer you a collection of the hottest (pun intended) smoking items! 

Buy From Your Favourite Smoking Brands 


The Smokebuddy utilizes a carbon filter that eliminates smell from exhaled vapour. Just exhale into the mouthpiece and Smokebuddy does the rest of the work! They are available in sizes:  junior, default, and mega!


Toker Poker

The Toker Poker is an all-inclusive smoker's tool. It fits snugly on your lighter and is accessible when you need it most. Fits a standard Bic lighter.



All natural, free from dyes, and designed to let the natural flavour of your tobacco shine, RAW are the industry leader of rolling papers and tips.


Shop Smoking Accessories with Be Daring, and Notice the Difference

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