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Here at Be Daring the Adult Shop, we’re more than “just a sex shop”, we’re an adult lifestyle store.

BeDaring is proud to now offer a large range of different adult lifestyles product to fit well… different adult lifestyles.

Whether you’re looking for smoking accessories, you can rest assured we will have all your favourite brands! Smokebuddy, Toker Poker and RAW. Or perhaps, you’re on the hunt for ultimate smoking tool? Then search no more, we stock dry herb vaporizers of all varieties! Rechargeable, Portable, and desk-top vapes can be found among our range! Last but not least, we also understand that your body is your temple, so you can find a collection of self-detox products, and tester-kits available on our site.

Make Be Daring your first stop shop when looking for the perfect adult lifestyle item!


Be Daring's Huge Range of Adult Lifestyle Product

Dry Herb Vaporizers

For tobacco use only, Dry Herb Vaporizers are becoming the future of “smoking”. Due to their ability to yield more nutrients from your herbs without burning through them, they have become a HOT product, that many smoking enthusiasts want to get their hands on.

Often using a combustion method of heating – whereas smoking uses convention - this heating element works effectively to extract the active ingredient from herbs without burning the material making it a healthier and more efficient alternative for the user!


Smoking Accessories

We offer a large range of smoking accessories that the modern smokers can utilize! These include products, such as: rolling papers, flavored cigar wraps and tips, personal air filters, digital scales, grinders, stash jar, smell-proof carry bags, and much much more!


Personal Detox’s and Test Kits

Whether you just want a full-body cleanse after a wild weekend, or perhaps just want to feel new again, our personal detox systems are ideal for washing yourself rid of any unwanted impurities and pollutants. Not only that but it’s safety first here at BeDaring, so we also offer personal test-kits for a variety of substances – so you can stay on top and manage your health. Or on the flip side, we also offer product testers, for a variety of substances, so you can always in the know of what you’re always putting in your body.


Shop Adult Lifestyle Products with Be Daring, and Notice the Difference

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