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So you want to quit smoking… but don’t want to quit smoking? Then try a Dry Herb Vaporizer. Or perhaps you just want to get more out of your herbs, without spending an arm and a leg? Then try a Dry Herb Vaporizer!

Market leaders within the smoking industry, a dry herb vaporizer is a device used to extract the active ingredients of plant material or other herbs or blends for the purpose of inhalation. Herbs do not ‘burn’ in a Vaporiser so there is no smoke and ash (combustion by-products) and little to no odour.

We proudly offer a wide range of dry herb vapes to suit any kind of lifestyle! Whether you’re on the for a discreet and convenient vape, or you’re looking to upgrade to the more powerful and premium performing desktop vapes.

Be Daring’s Dry Herb Vape range includes all the household vaping names: Firefly, PAX, Davinci, and Medi Vape, just to name a few!

You know what do now… View our whole range get your hands on the industry favourites when it comes to dry herb vaping, and eexperience the difference of using a dry herb vaporizer yourself!

What Makes a Dry Herb Vaporizer Better? 

Healthier than Smoking
Herbs do not burn in a Vaporizer so there is no smoke and ash (combustion by-products) and little to no odour! Studies have shown that vaporising herbs exposes the user to lower levels of harmful substances compared to smoking.

Vaping Is More Product Efficient
Vaping will extract up to double the active ingredient compared to traditional combustion method. When burning around half of the active ingredient may be burnt off.

Vaporizers use two different styles of heating conduction and convection to extract nutrients.

Conduction: Heated surface is in direct contact with the herbs
Convention: Heated air travels around and through the herb

Dry Herb Vapes Can be Portable and Compact
Preload and use while outdoors with no cords or plugs. From loaded to vaping in less than 5 seconds! Durable and dependable, you can easily put it in your pocket. Some are small enough be hidden in the palm of your hand and they are often silent.

Vaping Has Less of An Environmental Impact
Vapor is lighter than smoke. Vapor produces half the smell compared to smoke and disappears twice as quick compared to smoke.

Vaporising Extracts Nutrients
Compared to burning (smoking) which destroys nutrients. (if you think of it in terms of food vaping is cooking your food and smoking is burning your food destroying most of the nutrients), vaping is a much better option for people who are using it for medical benefits. The user is getting a much larger amount of the active ingredient than compared to smoking.

A Vaporizer Is an Investment
The user is able to save a lot of money once they have purchased a vaporiser as they are needing to use much less of their product due to vaping extracting much more of the active ingredient and when you considerthe costs of lighters, papers and filters these days - the vaporiser soon pays for itself!


What Type of Vaporizer Should I Buy? 

Different vapes will fit into different lifestyles, so there’s a vape for absolutely everyone! The main two types that BeDaring offer a portable vapes and desktop.

Portable Dry Herb Vaporizers: (Our pick for beginners)

Your new best friend, our portable dry herbs can be taken anywhere – much like a regular cigarette! They’re small, discreet, easy for the user to conceal and allows for use in public with less detection.

The best part? No cords or wires! Charge it up, and off you go. Perfect for group or solo use, they are easy to pass around, and can be used without the need to be close to a power point! Due to their USB charger – you can even charge up in the car between destinations.

Our portable range of dry herb vapes include the, Pax, the Firefly 2, DaVinci, Pulsar APX Vapes, and Medi Vape.


Desktop Dry Herb Vaporizers: (Our pick for group or experienced users)

Desktop vapes are the ideal vaporizers for group sessions, or those that just want to fill up the herb chamber less frequently - the chambers in these vapes are much larger than portable vapes. Desktop vapes also often offer a variety of different inhalation methods include, detachable balloons, whips, and masks. Desktop vaporisers are directly powered from the source, so you’ll need to be located near a power point, however you can rest assured that your session will never be interrupted by the dread “low battery” sign! 

Our desktop range of dry herb vapes include the, Digi Vaporizers. 


Tips for Using Dry Herb Vaporizers 

  • Wetter herbs need a higher temp, dryer herbs a lower temp.
  • Tobacco is quite a dry herb, around 140c (284f) degrees is best for tobacco while other herbs work best around 170c (338f) – 190c (374f) degrees.
  • Due to different herbs cooking at different temps it is best not to mix your herbs.
  • Vaping feels different to smoke it is much lighter.
  • Use long slow draws
  • Experiment with different temp and techniques.
  • The chamber of your vape needs to be filled to the top you can’t help fill the chambers.
  • Vaporizer chambers can be made from many different materials such as metal, glass and ceramic. A glass of ceramic chamber will give a much cleaner and smoother flavour compared to metal.


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