Lay-by Terms and Conditions

Be Daring offers its customer the ability to shop in store and lay-by their goods, allowing a payment term of 6 weeks to finalise payment of goods. An initial deposit of 20% is required when lay-by is first established, with regular interim payment required through-out the duration of the lay-by. For full Terms & Conditions, read below

Lay-by Terms & Conditions

  1. Minimum deposit required for a lay-by is 20% of total purchase price, payable at time of creation.
  2. Lay-by payment finalisation terms are 6 weeks from creation date and must be paid in full by the due date. Store Managers may at their discretion offer an extension of two weeks to customers who have been making regular payments.
  3. Cancellation: In the event that the lay-by is cancelled, the 20% deposit is non-refundable, but may be issued as a credit. Any remaining balance (other than the 20%) will be refunded depending on payment method e.g. payments made on credit card will be refunded to the credit card.
  4. Non-finalisation of a lay-by in the 6 week period may result in the lay-by being cancelled. As per the cancellation policy the 20% deposit is non-refundable but may be issued as a credit.
  5. Refunds: Only those customers requesting a refund will be provided with one (less the 20% credit).

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