What Are Suction Cup Dildos?

What Are Suction Cup Dildos?

Suction cup dildos are quite popular for both masturbation and sex purposes. A suction cup dildo, strictly speaking, is a dildo that can be attached to a wall and comes with a suction base.

So if you want to have a hands-free time pleasuring yourself, the suction base dildo can come in real handy. It can also be a great help during sex if you love the idea of double penetration. For example, your partner could handle one end of you while the dildo deals with what's happening on the other end.

Suction dildos are usually used in the shower for a variety of reasons. For one, your shower is a pretty private place. You wouldn't want to attach the dildo to a wall in your room, would you? Especially because you could have company over, and they might just wander into your bedroom.

Of course, that's only really a problem if you don't have the habit of putting away the dildo after use. Surprisingly, that's something a lot of people have to deal with. If you're one of those people, it's just safer to hide it away in your shower.

Another reason why suction dildos are regularly used in the shower is that, for some people, it's just easier to masturbate in the shower. One more reason is that it's pretty important to attach your suction cup dildo to something sturdy, like a wall. If you're going to attach your dildo to anything, it can’t be movable things like doors or furniture. It should be a wall. And what better wall to attach a dildo to than your shower's wall?

If you're just learning about suction cup dildos and would like to get one in the future, here are a few recommendations for you.

The Boss Realistic Suction Cup Dong

There's a mass debate (pun intended) about whether size matters or not, but with The Boss Realistic Suction Cup Dong, you don't have to worry about such debates. So whether you like your penises big, or small, this 8" wonder would completely satisfy you.

It's just the perfect size and comes with a very strong suction cup. As long as you've attached this one to a wall, you can be certain that it won't fall off, and you can ride it as long as you want. It's easy to clean, compatible with lube, and last but not least, comes with free lube.

And yes, it's made with completely body-safe materials.

Realistic 10" King-Sized Suction Cup Dildo

If the 8 inches of the last dildo wasn't big enough for you, then this realistic 10" king-sized suction cup dildo ought to do the trick.

Like the last dildo, this one is also compatible with lube, is very easy to clean, and comes with strong suction cups. It has all the pros of the last dildo with the added benefit of coming with two extra inches.

Bed Candy Fantasy Dragon Dildo

If you want something exciting and not boring, then you should probably check out the bed candy fantasy dragon dildo. It's perfect for people who love to let their imagination run wild, and the fantasy part is left to you.

The dildo is super textured, too, so its selling point isn't just fantasy — it's the entire product. And like the two other suction dildos on this list, it's body-safe, great with lube, and has a super-strong suction cup.

If you are looking for adult sex toys to help you broaden your sexual horizons and explore the wonders of masturbation, then please feel free to drop into one of our stores or call us today on 1800 666 069. We are always here to help!

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