Spice Up Your New Marriage With These Great Sex Toys

Spice Up Your New Marriage With These Great Sex Toys

The first year of marriage is incredibly important for your future happiness, and sex is a major contribution to happiness as a married person. Here’s a pro tip for what makes a marriage successful…keep having adventures!

Sampling a new type of cuisine together or riding the roller coaster at an amusement park are some new experiences you can have with your spouse. Keep learning, growing, and trying new things together, especially in the bedroom.

But this does not mean that having good sex in a marriage is not always something that happens naturally. It’s something that you and your partner both have to work towards on a constant basis to keep the spark alive… like sex toys

Dr. Tammy Nelson, Ph.D., certified sex therapist and author of Getting the Sex You Want says, “Sex toys are called ‘toys’ for a reason—they are meant for playing, for exploring and for expanding your sex life, the good news is that sex toys are more accessible than ever before and made by, and for, female sexuality, and that can teach a male partner how to explore a wider range of female pleasure zones.”

If you and your partner are considering purchasing sex toys to enjoy in the bedroom and enhance your sexual experience and intimacy, here are some of the best sex toys for newly married couples.

1. The Nookii Board Game For Couples

This foreplay card game is a must-have for a playful night in with a loved one. Luckily, it is the perfect gift to another couple whether it's for their honeymoon, anniversary, birthday, Christmas, Wedding, or just for fun. Each card has two instructions. A short instruction for one partner on how to position themselves while the other is for the other partner on how to pleasure the first. This is good for a newly married couple who are still figuring out what they want their sex life to be like.

2. The Rabbit Love Ring Couples Bedspreader Kit

The Rabbit Love Ring Couples Bedspreader Kit features a variety of enticing intimacy products designed to bring your sex life to new heights. The kit includes a Vibrating Rabbit Love Ring, Satin Tie, Velcro Bedspreader, and much more! And don’t be scared, all items are body-safe, latex-free, and splashproof.

The Rabbit Love Ring’s powerful but nearly silent rabbit ear vibrations are designed specifically to target clitoral and erogenous stimulation, meaning a thousand spurts of joy from stimulation. Whew, at this point, it’s getting so hot already. Again, just like other Rabbit products, the ring is made from body-safe and latex-free silicone and pairs well with water-based lubricants for added pleasure and simple clean-up, so don’t bother about that.

3. The Porn Hub Toys Next Gen Spell Massager

With a variety of changeable heads, 20 vibration patterns, and 8 speeds to choose from, the Pornhub Toys Next Gen Spell Massager set works like magic to enhance partnered sessions. The textured head is designed for clitoral stimulation, featuring nubs and bumps for intense sensations. The wide range of sizes and speeds gives you the freedom to pick your pleasures. On a scale of spicy one to ten, the spell massager is a fifty-six.

With these, remember that the amount of sex you have isn't what's important. It’s about what makes you and your partner happy. Focus on intimacy and reminding each other how much you love one another on a daily basis. If you want to have more sex, try things other than intercourse. Lucky you, you have something to refer to. You are welcome! 

So, there you have it some great toys toys and ideas to spice up your sex life if you’re a newly married couple. If you are looking for adult sex toys and games to spice up your marriage, then please feel free to drop in to one of our stores or call us today on 1800 666 069. We are always here to help!

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