Buyers Guide: Blindfolds, Masks, and Hoods

Buyers Guide: Blindfolds, Masks, and Hoods

Why Use Blindfolds?

Blindfolds are a sensory deprivation items that takes away a person’s sight. In turn, when you take away sight, other senses are heightened. Not being able to see allows the person to focus on the touch on their skin, smells in the room, the taste of something on their lips, and sound. 

The anticipation developed by only using these other senses can build the tension to beautifully unbearable levels. A blindfold, or eye mask, is sometimes a person's first voyage into new sexual experiences, and is considered a staple in any bondage or couples play kit.

Types Of Blindfolds

While many items can be used as a blindfold, using one like our Wild Hide brand can give the extra feeling and smell of leather. Blocking out all light with the fluffy inner eye mask, the adjustable blindfold is the perfect tool to keep the wearer in tune with other parts of their body and what is happening to them.

If the smooth feel of satin is more desirable, a plain satin sash blindfold is an excellent investment. While labelled a blindfold, this doesn’t limit how you can involve this item into your play.

For something a little more form fitting (the more fitted the blindfold, the more light is blocked and thus more sensory deprived the person is) the Scandal range have a lovely black and lace eye mask with their signature red and black damask band.


A new world of electrifying sensation with the Scandal Eye Mask

When it comes to the Scandal brand, you can always count on having the perfect, matching item to add to your collection.

Blindfold Kits

Many eye masks are sold separately, but it is a great idea to buy a kit that includes a blindfold so you are ready to play ASAP. There are an excellent variety of kits designed to introduce beginners or expand on an expert’s existing collection and experience. 

The Rabbit Company has some wonderful couples kits including one that contains a lay on rabbit vibrating toy for extra stimulation and some dice for spontaneous inspiration.

For some temperature play, add some body safe drip candles to your kit, or for the daring and ready to take that next step, consider the ElectraStim range! All these types of touch to the skin can take vision sensory deprivation to a new and exciting level.

Masks And Hoods


Sexy style combined with quality construction - Red Leopard Blindfold

When we mention face masks or hoods many people’s minds immediately jump to these extreme leather or latex BDSM masks. While these masks are great for those heavily into BDSM, those who prefer to dabble at the edges or tread in gently have some options that are less intense.

There are a number of masks made from lighter materials such as spandex that still deprive the wearer of sight while also dulling the senses of hearing and smell. There are even options to obscure a person’s sight without taking it away entirely. 

Scandal provide a lace hood that covers the entire head except the wearer’s mouth. This stretchy lace not only looks gorgeous (and can be matched with lingerie) it is a way to gently ease into this type of play.

To find out more about blindfolds, masks, and hoods, or our complete range of sex toys, please drop in to one of our stores or call us on 1800 666 069.

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