How To Incorporate Toys And Lube Into Your Married Life

How To Incorporate Toys And Lube Into Your Married Life

Wanting to try something new in bed, including the introduction of sex toys, doesn’t mean your sex life is boring. It just means you’re willing to be exploratory when it comes (no pun intended) to pleasuring yourself and your spouse, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, sex toys are an excellent place to start when you’re looking to experiment.

So, if you’re interested in adding a sex toy into the mix, here’s how you can make it a little less awkward while also reaching new orgasmic heights with your partner: Before we dive any further into the deep, never forget the place of lube comrades! Now, we dive.

Sex toys definitely aren’t for everyone or every couple. But in their defense, “Sex is the adult version of the playground,” sex therapist Rosara Torrisi, says “It’s where we’re allowed to let go and be playful. And with that in mind, you can use anything you want on the playground, including toys.”

When introducing something new, it’s best that you begin with the positive, make an offer or ask a question, and then make your request. For example: I loved how it felt last night…have you ever thought about trying a toy…? I’d love to try blah blah with you.

If you frame your desires as requests as opposed to complaints or criticisms, your partner will be more receptive. It’s obviously more effective than popping up the question randomly.

Also, you need to know that plenty of people can only get off with the help of a vibrators, and that’s okay. It is nothing to be ashamed about.

Make The Conversation About Both Of You

When you bring up the topic, don’t focus on yourself and your sexual needs exclusively. This can potentially alienate your partner and put them on the defensive. Make the conversation about both of you. Approach the topic with empathy and be prepared to deal with a contentious reaction.

Have an honest conversation about why trying sex toys is something that turns you on. Tell your partner that it’s new, a little kinky, and fun. It’s something for the two of you to try together in order to expand your sexual repertoire. Remember, vibrators aren’t only good for you and you alone. It gives couples something to scream about – together!

Keep It Playful And Exciting

Choose something non-threatening to start. You want to keep it playful and exciting, not terrifying. Go for inspiring curiosity, not anxiety. A sex toy that doesn’t even look like a sex toy is the beginner’s best bet. The quieter the toy, the better. 

Cookie Foreplay Vibrator by Svakom is a uniquely shaped three-pronged vibrator that has been designed especially for foreplay excitement. It is used as a personal toy whenever you like. Pass it on to your partner to tease you to ecstasy if you like. But, no matter what, the Cookie will become your go-to accessory for fun and sexy playtime.

Experiment With Edging

Toys are especially handy when it comes to edging, you know… the act of getting yourself or a partner close to orgasm but stopping before it actually happens, pushing each other to the edge of orgasm and backing off. Not only is it equal parts teasing and sexy, but it also helps you and your partner tune into exactly what needs to happen to make each other orgasm.

Even taking orgasms off the table, toys offer sensations that you simply can’t experience without them. Why not use them?

Lubes— Communication is Key

Lube is multifaceted, it can be effectively utilised in a large number of sexy scenarios. But, just like sex toys, it has to be carefully introduced to a partner without affecting their self-esteem. Don't see the need for lube as a failure, it is just that penetration can be painful, no matter how comfortable you are with your partner or how much you enjoy it. Painful pleasure should not be just pain and lubricant is the answer.

Wanting to incorporate lube into your sex is valid, whatever the reason. Communication is the key. Sensitively discuss your reasons with your partner, let them know that you want to maximise everyone’s pleasure as much as possible, and lube could significantly help with doing so.

So there you have it, the best ways in which people are incorporating sex toys and lubes into their married life. If you are looking for these and other products to help you get a bit more sexually creative, then please feel free to drop in to one of our stores or call us today on 1800 666 069. We are always here to help!

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