Are Dongs And Dildos The Same Thing?

Are Dongs And Dildos The Same Thing?

Have you ever wondered if there's any difference at all between a dildo and a dong? Here is a guide to enlighten you on the differences that exist between a dildo and a dong. To prevent you from buying a dong instead of a dildo, all because you had no idea, we'll be breaking down the little differences between these sex toys. So, grab your popcorn and flow with me.

What Is A Dildo?

A dildo is a sex toy with all the characteristics of a dong and a base or ball in addition. It is very similar to a human-like penis and has almost all the features that a real penis has. So if you're the type that wants to go for a toy that looks exactly like a real penis, then a dildo is the best choice for you.

So with a dildo, you obtain all the tremendous components of a dong with additional features like the base added. Silicon is very safe to use. This type of dildo is made up of semi-organic polymer. Silicone is the most popular option among erotic toys with respect to sexual health. It avoids the accumulation of dirt and bacteria and does not present any chemical toxicity that can react, being very hygienic. 

It is a flexible material, giving you the freedom to use it in any position of your choice and reducing the risk of frictional injury. Also, it is delightful to the touch, as it is soft and smooth. In addition, it adapts very easily to body temperature. Most sex toys today are made of silicone. 

It is also worthy of note that dildos are a very good choice for anal penetration pleasure because of the presence of their base. A lot of dildos also have a strap for more firmness and attachment.

What Is A Dong?

A dong, on the other hand, is also a penis look-alike and has almost all the features of a real one aside from the fact that it lacks a base or balls. This feature puts some limitations on it as it cannot be used anally. Also, most women tend to go more for a dildo that has a base. 

Recent researches have shown that a dong isn't advisable to be used as an anal sex toy or for anal penetration but to be used for vaginal sex only as complications might arise. This is so you can avoid the embarrassment you might get when you show up in a clinic with a dong stuck up in your back passage.

A dong is very penis-like in shape and look. Its veiny lines are a bit more obvious than a real penis but are present to give more stimulation and pleasure. Some people also use it as an oral sex stimulator.


A dildo is a sex toy that looks more like a real penis with the base included, while a dong lacks the base part. They are both used to stimulate the vagina however, they usually aren’t used for clitoral stimulation nor anal penetration as they might cause severe complications. Lastly, before I drop my pen, a short way of analysing the differences is that “all dongs are dildos “ but not “all dildos are dongs”.

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