The 5 Best Dragon Dildos of 2022

The 5 Best Dragon Dildos of 2022

Finally gone are the days where dildos HAD to be a human penis. Rightfully so, it’s 2022 and we should be able to let our imagination run wild!

Dragon dildos, as the name implies, are dildos that are shaped like the phalluses of dragons — or better still, shaped like the phalluses of fictional reptilian or fantasy creatures. 

While like any sex toy, they're not for everyone, they have become so popular that it's getting difficult to choose which dildo exactly is the best of the lot. Let us take you through The 5 Best Dragon Dildos of 2022!  

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1. Bed Candy Fantasy Tentacle – 8inch Dildo

Unleash the pleasure of the Seven Seas with our 8-inch Fantasy Tentacle Dildo!

Fantasy Tentacle Dildo 8inch


Move away from the traditional constraints of a classic dildo and move into the realm where all things are possible! So, invigorate your sex life, and get your tenta… I mean, hands around this one.

Starting with an ideal heavy suction cup base that’s just the right density to be comfortable but firm enough for control, the shaft of this tentacle penetrator is deliciously designed to rub up against the G-Spot and Prostate, while you discover new depths of sensation with the wonderful sucker pads that make for a new and unique experience cupping experience.

Harness compatible, an out of this world cosmic purple, and made from platinum cured medical grade silicone, our 8-inch Fantasy Tentacle Dildo will be the statement piece of your toy collection! We recommend a high-quality lubricant to compliment this toy and make your experience out of this world!



2. Bed Candy Spiked Dragon Dildo – 5.7inch

Indulge your fantasies and be swept away by this charming little Dragon to gain the perfect pleasure companion!


Spiked Dragon Dildo 5.7inch


The 5.7-Inch Dragon Dildo is a fantastic toy for beginners and experienced users alike! With a strong suction cup base, a detailed and spongey glans, and a delightfully textured shaft featuring two knots, this dildo is designed to give you hours of fun! Perfectly curved to stimulate the G-Spot and Prostate, this dildo also features a soft spike base for external stimulation.

Made from platinum cured medical grade silicone, and painted a hypnotising obsidian black, the Bed Candy 5.7inch Spiked Dragon Dildo is just realistic enough for you to realise what it’s for, but leaves the rest of the fantasy completely up to you!


HOT TIP: Use a vibrating cock ring at the base of this dildo, to have a buzzing mythical adventure. The soft silicone of the spikes will absorb those decadent vibrations, and will rhythmically rub against your most important parts!



3. X-Men Alien Probe – 7.8inch Dildo

Show you're more than just a believer. Get probed by this kinky fantasy alien cock!

Alien Probe 7.8inch Dildo

You’ve probably seen alien-themed adult videos and adult content online over your time – whether through erotic novels, hentai (adult anime pornography), or film!  Well now you can enjoy this fantasy and get right into the moment with our Fantasy Alien Probe.

Evolved in every way, this specimen features multiple nubs and ridges for ultimate stimulation. It’s also insertable up to almost 15cm,  and features a deliciously stretching maximum diameter of 5.75cm – So, this alien will ensure a thorough probing has occurred, and doesn’t leave much untouched!

With an out of this world design and glowing green skin, the tapered head of the probe is specially curved to nestle up against your g-spot or p-spot, while the flexible tickler has an inner length of 3.1cm for clitoral or perineal pleasure. The prominent round testicles add even more stimulation, the deeper Alien penetrates you. The strong suction cup base can stick to any hard flat surface and is compatible with most strap-on harnesses making it give you the mmost unique orgasm you can have!

So, surrender for abduction and seduction by this Alien!



4. Bed Candy Fantasy Dragon Dildo – 6inch Purple

Stretch your imagination, and holes, to the limit and be swept away by this beastly Dragon Dildo to gain pleasures unknown to this realm and kingdom!

Fantasy Dragon Dildo - 6inch Purple



This 6-Inch Dragon Dildo in Purple is a wonderful and girthy fantasy dildo tailor-made for more experienced size-queens and kings! With a strong suction cup base that’s reinforced by it’s hefty design, a detailed and spongey glans, and a delightfully textured but girthy shaft featuring a scaley design. This Dragon Dildo features unique sensations that you just can’t find on a regular dildo and are designed to let your imagination take over for a few hours!

Perfectly curved with a petite tip to tickle and tease the G-Spot and Prostate, this dildo also features heavy balls, which can be used as a handle for more control!



5. Bed Candy Fantasy Dragon Dildo – 6inch Black

Because yes, the colour does matter! Meet the 6-Inch Dragon Dildo in Black.

Fantasy Dragon Dildo - 6inch Black


Bringing all the loved and unique features of the previously mentioned purple model, the charcoal  black style adds even more allure, mystery, and sleekness – So, as you  can see we obviously had to get both! 



Final Thoughts

These are the Dragon Dildos you will currently find at Be Daring, and these are what we consider some of the best on the market heading into 2022! 

For the lowdown on what to look for in a Dragon Dildo, check out our Dragon Dildos Buyers Guide. 


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