Can You Make Butt Plugs from Glass?

Can You Make Butt Plugs from Glass?

Like I said, if you can think it – you can probably have it glass blown! So, it comes as no surprise that, of course, anal plugs can come made from glass.

I actually recommend glass anal plugs, due to their smooth surface area and sleek design, that makes for resistance free and more pleasurable anal penetration! 

Here’s some of our favourites for this year!


Heath Glass Anal Plug


Twice the taper of a traditional butt plug, the heath will find your most sensitive areas and gently caress them to orgasm. 


Crystal Glass Butt Plug in Clear Medium Size

butt plug crystal glass

100% hygienically superior borosilicate glass? Check. Annealed for structural support and safety? Check. Shaped to maximise sensation, and promote a lovely filled experience? Check. 

The Crystal Glass Butt Plug, is a sophisticated addition to any sex toy collection. Although it may not look all too, “special”, being made from high-quality materials and engineered to last, this is not a toy to go past!


Icicles No. 83 Vibrating Glass Butt Plug

vibrating glass plug

Icicle No. 83 is designed to create the ultimate experience in arousing solo sex sessions or to share them with a partner for a sublime sexual adventure! This multi-function vibrating glass plug features sensually contoured beads, a flared base for easy retrieval, and a wireless remote to put the control at your fingertips—or even better, in the hands of your partner! Cycle through 10 unique vibration patterns for truly intense, sheet-clutching orgasms!

A powerful, removable silicone suction cup base holds Icicle No. 83 to reach those perfect spots. With its powerful silicone suction-cup base holding the plug securely in place, you'll get thrilling stimulation right where you want it.

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