Tips for Great Anal Sex

Tips for Great Anal Sex

Magical anal sex?! Is there such a thing? If you're reading this, you probably want to know how to experience it.

First, I'd like to address those who don't appreciate anal or refuse to go there. I want you to know that it's okay if you don't like it, because let's be honest, not everyone enjoys everything.

If you don't want to try it, that's fine. Consider that after reading this, your thoughts may shift, and you may feel more open to the possibility of experiencing anal sex for the first time.

So, what are the fundamentals of magical anal sex, and why is it so freaking wonderful? Here are five practical guidelines for individuals who wish to attempt it or want it to be a really powerful and enjoyable sexual experience:

#1 Take things slowly.

Like anything else, it's critical that you don't rush into anal unless you're BOTH really turned on and prepared. So, gentlemen, take your time with your girlfriend and do not assume it's acceptable to force yourself within minutes. Begin by gently licking and stroking the area around her ass, not just the anus. Explore her body and kiss her everywhere. Try her... Listen to her breathing and sounds. You'll know she's warming up when you hear and feel it in her body. Tease her.

When you believe she is ready to be penetrated, ask her. When she says yes, use a finger first, as she may already be begging for you to go inside her. Gently. There's no need to hasten this. Stop being goal-oriented and enjoy every time with Her.

#2 Use a lot of lubrication.

Don't skimp on the lubrication; I guarantee the more lube, the better. With plenty of lubricant, anal insertion will feel smoother and more enjoyable. FYI, some ladies get incredibly lubed up naturally, while others don't. There is no right or wrong answer to how much lube women generate. In general, when a woman gets turned on and feels connected to her boyfriend, her pussy becomes wetter than usual. But this is her ass, and it's a sensitive place, so when you believe you've used enough lubrication, add more. I usually recommend having extra natural organic lube on available (especially for anal).

#3 Relax yourself.

Anal sex will never be enjoyable until you are entirely relaxed in mind and body. So, if you're feeling tense and pressured, I recommend that you relax (both in life and in the bedroom). When you're ready to have anal intercourse, remember to breathe and relax the muscles around your ass and pussy. Do not stop breathing!

#4 Try different positions

Many people believe that anal must be performed in a doggie style, however this is not the case. You can have anal sex in any position. I recommend starting with the woman sitting on top of the male, since this gives her control over how much cock she wants inside her and how slowly or quickly she wants it. Missionary work is also an excellent opportunity for anal. However, everyone has their own distinct sexual preferences. So experiment with your lover to see what positions work best for you both.

#5 Give up to the intense erotic feeling that anal has to offer.

Anal can be a deeply sensual and spiritual sexual encounter. When a woman takes a man deep into her, it might cause an opening and submission that she has never felt before. As a result, I encourage you both to genuinely appreciate how great anal sex is, and to never engage in it if you are not prepared to entirely give to the feelings and sensations that it produces inside your body, mind, and soul. Anal intercourse can be a portal into deep sexual ecstasy and orgasm; open your mind to this thought, and the possibilities are unlimited.


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