Anal Play: Aftercare 101

Anal Play: Aftercare 101

You don’t have do it again if you didn’t enjoy it!

And well if you did…

Now to make sure that the fun doesn’t end there! You’re going to need to make sure you implement proper aftercare routine. Really, you should have one for any kind of sexual encounters – however, due to the more intrusive nature and higher-risk factor, it’s important to have one in place for anal play.

Most importantly, when dealing with our intimate areas, we want to reduce the risk of any infections as much as possible – because talk about a buzzkill.

  • Make sure to have a trip to the bathroom after anal play, especially if you have a vagina.
  • Check for any micro-tears and ensure you clean up properly if there are any
  • Make sure to wash any body parts involved with light soapy water.
  • Ensure that any toys used are thoroughly cleaned with an antibacterial toy cleaner, before and after each use.


Now my favourite part, obviously. Due to the intense nature of anal play and the powerful endorphins it can release – individuals can often experience a light dopamine dip (often referred to as, “a wave of the blues”). You’ve probably heard of this in BDSM-play; however, it can apply to many different sexual scenarios. On the plus side, it’s not exactly difficult to combat. Do something with your partner that you enjoy and often make it a post-anal routine.

Your aftercare routine could take shape as:

  • Sitting in bed eating ice-cream
  • Snuggles and cuddles
  • A bubble bath
  • More sex!

Really it depends on you and your love language!

Not to end on a bummer (another pun intended), but it would be irresponsible of me to not highlight that anal is considered a high-risk activity. Unfortunately, due to the more vigorous nature of anal sex and the fact that the anal cavity doesn’t self-lubricate, there is an increased chance of risk of contracting STI’s (including, HIV) or causing tears in delicate tissue. Moral of the story? Wrap it before you tap it – at least if you feel like you need to!


Final Thoughts

As you can see, anal sex and play doesn't just stop at the backdoor (pun intended) but should be treated as any other sexual act. Aftercare is an important aspect of taking part in anal play, and can be the difference between an enjoyable and not-so enjoyable anal session. 

For more information on anal play, and the different elements you may encounter off the beating track, please refer to our related anal play guide, Anal Play: Why People Do The Big "It".

Should you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact our friendly professional staff on our Free Call number 1800 571 904.

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