What are Lorals for Pleasure or Comfort?

What are Lorals for Pleasure or Comfort?

Oral sex is enjoyable for all types of people, regardless of gender, sexuality, or genitals you have. But we’ve all had a moment where something interrupts the mood. Perhaps a partner’s beard is too scratchy, or you might find yourself on your period and not wanting to make a mess. These are just a couple of instances where a pair of Lorals for Comfort might come in handy.

What are Lorals for Pleasure & Comfort?

Lorals are ultra-thin underwear made of natural latex and designed for ultimate comfort and hygiene when partaking in various sex acts, particularly oral sex or rimming. They create a layer between the wearer and their partner, protecting from bodily fluids, tastes, and textures all while giving the wearer an added layer of comfort and peace of mind.

Lorals can be worn beyond oral sex acts as well, being also suitable for stimulation with hands or toys. Lorals are a single-use product and come in two styles, a bikini cut, and a shortie. They are super stretchy making them suitable for a wide range of body types from 4 through to 22, with a secure fit to keep them in place during the chosen activity.

Lorals are designed to suit a wide range of people and settings, including but not limited to:

  • Gender dysphoria or body image concerns. An added layer for those not comfortable being fully exposed.
  • Period Oral. Predominantly stopping bodily fluids from getting on a partner or bed sheets
  • Sensory issues & beard burn. Stopping rough textures from facial hair or rough hand skin from creating friction or uncomfortable sensations for the wearer
  • Allowing the giver a level of peace of mind that there won’t be direct contact with the anus when exploring oral anal play
  • Pleasure play. Being made from latex, Lorals will leave a light stinging sensation when pulled and let go, allowing the material to snap back against the body

While Lorals for Pleasure & Comfort is an excellent tool for added comfort during intimacy, it is essential to note that they are not approved for protection against STIs.

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