Level Up Your Bedroom: Guide for Buying Sex Furniture

Level Up Your Bedroom: Guide for Buying Sex Furniture

Sex furniture is furniture or positional aids that are used to enhance pleasure, intensify intimacy and connection, and increase exploration when it comes to sexual activities. When you think about sex furniture, you might imagine a dungeon scene from Fifty Shades of Grey. You may also ask why such a thing exists when you could destroy any old furniture in your home. The reality is a little more woo-woo (and sanitary) than that. When you incorporate sex-specific furniture into your area, you are, whether you realise it or not, establishing an intimate retreat. Furthermore, sex furniture is much easier to clean of dampness than your pricey velvet couch.

Most of the time, we only perceive intimacy occurring in the bedroom. It can be beneficial to have a dedicated location where you can express your sexual ideas and wants. And I believe that a location dedicated to it is far more stimulating and sexual.

What should you look for when shopping for sex furniture?

The best sex furniture allows you and your partner(s) to explore your desires in a safe and hygienic setting. You should search for materials that are easy to clean, such as PVC, vinyl, or polyester. Make sure your sex pillows, sex wedges, and ramps have a washable cover. For a hanging item of sex furniture, such as a swing or sex sling, we recommend that you have the proper anchors for your ceiling, consider the weight capacity, and get the appropriate carabiners for the gear. If you don't have a separate sex room (hello, studio apartment residents), flexibility is essential. You might also want goods that are easy to store. Below, we dive into different categories of sex furniture, including everything from pillows to sex chairs and versatile massage benches. It’s only sex—don’t take it too seriously.

Sex Pillows

If this is your first time looking into sex furniture, start simple with sex positioning pillows. Wedge cushions, ramps, and mounts are all positioning aids that are designed to make sexual activity more comfortable and pleasurable by providing support and posture for different sections of our bodies. These aids give a strong base, making it simpler to reach and hold positions during intercourse. Foam pillows are hard and sturdy, with detachable coverings that can be washed, whilst inflatable pillows are perfect for travel and are easy to store when not used. Sex pillows are helpful for various sex positions. advocates utilising them for doggie style or when trying out a side-by-side position with your spouse. They also function pretty well during missionary, if you and your partner have a big height difference, and they provide additional comfort for the giver during oral sex.

Sex Blankets

A sex blanket is a blanket used for masturbation or partner play to keep your bedding and other surfaces clean and dry. If you're a squirter, playing with food kinks, or using oil, lube, or massage candles, a waterproof blanket will be useful. Texture is important during intimacy, therefore using a sex blanket can provide an extra dimension of sensuality. If you don't want your favourite sheet to set to get dirty, you can use sex-specific sheets.

Sex Swings

In a nutshell, sex swings suspend one person while allowing the other to glide around them. They're fun for people who want to experience suspended positions without having to physically support their partner's body weight. Many swings additionally include restraints and attachments. We promote playing with sex swings but emphasize the necessity of safety. Read the safety instructions while using any equipment, especially ceiling swings. There are additional door swing options that are less permanent, portable, and much easier to build. You may also purchase a yoga swing, which is designed for acrobatics and aerial yoga exercises but readily doubles as a sex sling.

Sexy Chaises, Chairs, and Couches

Sex chairs, chaises, and practical couches allow you to test out new sexual positions in a comfortable and sexy way. When looking for these types of things, ensure that the fabric or material is easy to clean. Leather is unacceptable, but imitation leather is acceptable. You'll also want to check for smooth lines and curves that are both aesthetically pleasing and ergonomic. Leather is hard to clean, so that's  a no-no, but imitation leather is acceptable. You'll also want to check for smooth lines and curves that are both aesthetically pleasing and ergonomic. If you want a sex position enhancer chair and a sex swing but don't have the space, a swinging chair is ideal for oral sex and doggy style.

Sex Benches and Ramps

Sex ramps are basically just larger, longer versions of sex pillows. Most sex ramps are composed of high-density foam, making them ideal for experimenting with various positions. They also provide more support and stability to people of all sizes than a wedge pillow. Using these positioning tools can help with the practicalities of sex, allowing you to focus on what matters most: pleasure and orgasms. Now, if you're like BDSM or kink, may we introduce you to sex benches? Sex benches, sometimes known as spanking benches, are ideal for bondage play, sensuous massages, or simply piercing your spouse deeper with a penis or dildo.

Sex Machines

Sex machines are just what you'd expect: machines that simulate sex. There aren't many of these on the market, and the ones that do exist are rather expensive. Experts have consistently recommended the Cowgirl. It includes a toy mount for dildos, a 360-swivel rotation, numerous vibration patterns, and other attachments that may be purchased separately. The Hi Smith sex machine is great for those who want thrusting penetration; it is app-controlled .

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