2022: The Year to Quit Smoking and Start Vaping!

2022: The Year to Quit Smoking and Start Vaping!

As we rapidly approach the New Year, we’re all trying to look for a way to make the most of the oncoming year! When it comes to resolutions, integrating healthier habits into your lifestyle is usually at the top of the list – and that’s something that isn’t always as easy as it seems… especially when it comes to cigarettes.  You’re probably shuddering at the thought of ‘ditching the durries’ but leading a healthier lifestyle doesn’t need to be the monumental task it’s always made out to be.

Although I think everyone can agree that smoking anything isn’t exactly… great for your health, we can humbly thank the modern technology of Dry Herb Vaporizers to ensure that you can keep enjoying your tobacco and herbs without your lungs hating you!


Benefits of Using a Dry Herb Vape

Healthier than Smoking

Herbs do not burn in a Vaporizer so there is no smoke and ash (combustion by-products) and little to no odour! Studies have shown that vaporising herbs exposes the user to lower levels of harmful substances compared to smoking.


Vaping Is More Product Efficient

Vaping will extract up to double the active ingredient compared to traditional combustion method. When burning around half of the active ingredient may be burnt off.

Vaporizers use two different styles of heating conduction and convection to extract nutrients.

Conduction: Heated surface is in direct contact with the herbs
Convention: Heated air travels around and through the herb


These days pretty much any vaporizer can adjust the temperature. The best part? Doing so will give you the ability to control the effects your herbs have on your mind, body, and soul!


Dry Herb Vapes Can be Portable, Compact, and Discreet

Preload and use while outdoors with no cords or plugs. From loaded to vaping in less than 5 seconds! Durable and dependable, you can easily put it in your pocket. Some are small enough be hidden in the palm of your hand and they are often silent.


Vapor is lighter than smoke. Vapor produces half the smell compared to smoke and disappears twice as quick compared to smoke.

Vaping Produces Less Smell

When you smoke, the compounds and the plant matter are released as part of the thick smoke; this is what produces the smell.

Vaping herbs still produces an odour, of course. However, the plant matter stays in the oven. Therefore, the small from vaping is tends to not stick to walls and clothes due to there being no actual smoke.

A good dry herb vaporizer makes it easier to enjoy your herbs when you're out and about but don't want everybody to know what you're doing!


Vaporising Extracts Nutrients & Doesn't Waste Them

Compared to burning (smoking) which destroys nutrients. (If you think of it in terms of food vaping is cooking your food and smoking is burning your food destroying most of the nutrients), vaping is a much better option for people who are using it for medical benefits. The user is getting a much larger amount of the active ingredient than compared to smoking.


Terpenes determine the taste, smell and medicinal benefits of each strain of dry herbs. However, unfortunately, they are destroyed at temperatures produced by smoking. Vaping allows you to adjust temperature settings and enjoy every single flavour note in your herbs.


A Dry Herb Vaporizer Is an Investment

In short, you can buy less and consume more!

A dry herb vape user can save a lot of money once they have purchased a vaporiser as they are needing to use much less of their product due to vaping extracting much more of the active ingredient and when you consider the costs of lighters, papers and filters these days - the vaporiser soon pays for itself!


Final Thoughts

As you can see, vaping is a sure-fire way to improve your smoking experience in every kind of way! From your health to your wallet, it’s a benefit either way. If you’d like to see which dry herb vape would best suit your lifestyle, please see:

If you have any questions or want to know more about dry herb vaporizers, then please call us on 1800 666 069.

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