One Night Stand Survival Kit

One Night Stand Survival Kit

Whether you're new to having one-night stands or want to raise your efficiency and self-care game being prepared pays off. Here are some overnight beauty bag necessities for a night at his place.



The most obvious, important, and easiest forgotten. Don't expect your sex partner(s) to have them, don't play games with yourself by telling yourself that if you don't take condoms out, you won't make regrettable decisions like sleeping with an ex, and most importantly, don't have one-night stands without them; even if you're on birth control, you need to ensure you're protected from STIs! Please put them in your bag, ensure they're safe and not damaged, and store them there.



There is hardly any sexual circumstance that cannot be improved with a little or a lot of lubricant. To avoid potential discomfort and increase your enjoyment, include a travel-sized lubricant. It is even shown that lubricant prevents membrane tearing in vaginal or anal tissue. This can help to prevent STD contracture.



Avoid using fruity florals and musky perfumes first thing in the morning. You want to smell nice, but not like a candy shop. Try: Pheromones, Pheromone-infused fragrance blends with skin pH to create a sexy scent unique to you, so it won’t be totally obvious when you jump back into bed after needing to just ‘use the loo’.


BB cream

So, you don't want to wear a full face of make-up to bed (excellent girl), but you're also not quite ready to bare it all. What are you doing? Compromise and wear a BB cream! Apply for coverage, hydration, and a beautiful glow, as well as SPF protection from the harsh morning sun.


Something to nix aches and pains.

If you both had a little too much fun last night (drinks + dancing = good times), you know you'll pay the price in the morning. Nothing can keep you from feeling refreshed like a headache or achy joints. Before going to bed, drink a large glass of water to stay hydrated, and have another by your bedside with some aspirin just in case.


Bullet Vibrator

Easy to carry they can be a very useful tool! great to use during partnered sex because their smaller size means they can be grabbed easily and used unobtrusively during penetrative sex, oral sex, and foreplay. Shop for your new bullet vibes.


A fresh pair of undies

Finally, you may not want to keep an emergency pair of underwear in your handbag but believe us when we say that changing into a clean, comfortable pair in the morning will make you feel a hundred times better. Shop for panties that keep you feeling sexy all day.


Feminine wipes

We understand that these carefully designed wipes are not the most attractive item in your kit, but they are important. Feeling less-than-fresh downstairs can hurt your confidence. Feminine wipes give moisture to assist clean away messy situations without dehydrating or irritating your most sensitive area. Some feminine wipes have natural calming substances.

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