5 Things You Should Know About Adult Stores

5 Things You Should Know About Adult Stores

If you're new to shopping at adult stores, here are five things you should know about before actually shopping there.

It's Okay To Do Your Research

Let's face it, when you walk into an adult shop, there's a huge chance that you'll have no idea what a lot of what you're looking at actually is.

Shopping at an adult shop is nothing like shopping at a regular store where you know what you're looking for, and generally know how some things are meant to work.

Sure, if you're experienced enough, you might know about a lot of stuff, but that is not the norm. So if you're going to an adult shop, and you aren't certain about what you want and what you can get, it always pays to do a little bit of research first.

Listen To Expert Advice

Yes, it is okay to do your research so that you aren't completely clueless. But you should also understand that you're very far from being an expert at any of this.

When shopping, you'll be approached by the staff of the adult shop. Don't be scared by this and be assured that they mean no harm. When they approach you, they are simply doing it to advise you on what toy is the best for you.

The best staff understand how to put you at ease, and would certainly never ask questions that you might be uncomfortable with answering. However, they will advise you on what toys you should try out depending on your wants.

And if you're unsure of what to do, it's always advisable to listen to what they are telling you.

It's Very Difficult To Shock A Sales Assistant At And Adult Shop

Don't worry about shocking them, or telling them something they've not heard before. It doesn't matter what your kinks are — they've heard it all before. It won't come as news to them, and it certainly wouldn't astonish them.

So be free as you can, and explain your needs to the sales representative.

Don't Just Pick Out Any Lube

Yes, they might all look the same, but there's a significant difference between certain kinds of lubes. And since lube is an integral part of sex —  whether you're alone or with someone, you must get your lube choice right.

One common mistake that people make is to just go with whatever lube they can find. That's a mistake you shouldn't make because many different kinds are great for different stuff. For example, there are lubes that warm up, cool down, taste good, are hard to wash off, and are easy to wash off.

So what lube should you get? Generally speaking, you should always get a water-based lube regardless of what other features you want the lube to have. Once you decide on a water-based lube, the rest of what you want your lube to look like entirely depends on what you want to use it for.

There Are Non-Branded Bags

Whether you buy online or buy in-store, you can expect to have your package as inconspicuous as possible. You don't have to worry about keeping your package safe from the prying eyes of others.

If you are looking for a trustworthy and friendly adult store to purchase your adult sex toys and products, then please feel free to drop into one of our stores or call us today on 1800 666 069. We are always here to help!

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