Why Have Silicone Dildos Become So Popular?

Why Have Silicone Dildos Become So Popular?

Dildos are sex toys are used to derive self sexual pleasure, and if you're into sex toys, you'll be aware that these toys are comprised of different materials and textures. A dildo is a type of sex toy whose features resemble the penis, or male reproductive system. Its purpose is nothing more than to satisfy, generate pleasure (those nights alone that turn into romp), and relax. Without a doubt, it's a friend that none of us should lack in our lives.

People have their preferred choices when it comes to sex toys. Let’s take a few minutes to talk briefly about the different types of dildos we have to help you discover the exact dildo made just for you.


This type of dildo is made up of semi-organic polymer. Silicone is the most popular option among erotic toys with respect to sexual health. It avoids the accumulation of dirt and bacteria and does not present any type of chemical toxicity that can react with the body, making it very hygienic. It is a flexible material, very pleasant to the touch, soft and smooth. In addition, it adapts very easily to body temperature. Most sex toys today are made of silicone.

ABS Plastic

This is another type of material made up of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (known as ABS). It is a very high-strength plastic that is used to make a multitude of devices. For vibrators, the ABS is normally the part around ​​the controls of the toy or the internal part that transmits the vibration, and a combination of silicone is used to cover the rest of the toy. Its use is widespread because it is very versatile as a material, having the appearance of a new toy always.


Jelly is made of flexible synthetic rubber material. Gelatin is another of the most commonly used materials in erotic toys. Its flexibility makes it adapt to the movements and shapes of the body and allows it to have different textures: smooth, rough texture, with protrusions ... It is a porous material, which usually has very bright colours and is slightly translucent, allowing a glimpse of its interior.


As the name implies, it is made up of glass/crystal. These toys are usually made by hand, for the most part, like small works of art.  Their smooth surface makes them completely hygienic and hypoallergenic, being very safe for the body and without the possibility of triggering an allergic reaction.

It is a hard material, not flexible, and highly resistant to breakage. However, it may seem otherwise. Glass is a very durable material, so with a minimum of maintenance, it will remain in perfect condition for a long time.


This is made up of stainless steel. Metal toys are very resistant sex toys. They are non-porous, water-resistant, and safe for the skin. Their texture is smooth and very pleasant, and they are very good transmitters of vibrations. They are generally toys that are heavier than the rest and also very rigid. 

Reasons Behind Silicone Dildos Popularity

The various forms of dildos available have their different benefits and functions as shown above. Recently, studies and research have estimated that silicone dildos are one of the most popular and widely used sex toys. If you have ever wondered why silicone dildos are very popular among sex toys users, then please keep reading!


Silicone dildos' flexibility is one of its major selling points and benefits. It reduces the risks of frictional injury and also makes the sexual experience much more pleasurable. Its smooth and fine surface increases the chances of having one or more orgasms when used by people with a vagina.


Its prices are much cheaper than the other types of dildos due to the nature of its material. It’s easy to get and not too expensive. If you are looking to find a pleasurable experience at a quite affordable price, then a silicone dildo is the right choice for you.

Various Sizes And Shapes

One of silicones benefits is the variability in sizes and shapes. Its flexible material makes it possible for numerous different designs and styles. It is also easy to wash and clean thereby reducing the risk of getting infections. And lastly, It does not require batteries in the simplest model.

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