How To Choose And Use Bullet Or Egg Vibrators

How To Choose And Use Bullet Or Egg Vibrators

If you can choose only one sex toy in your life, it should be a bullet vibrator! Talk about an intense orgasmic experience! No type of vibrator can be as flexible and as versatile as a good bullet vibrator and luckily, there are plenty of amazing bullet vibrators for you to choose from.

What are these anyway? Bullet or egg vibrators are small and discreet vibrators that can be made of metal, plastic, glass, silicone or other composite materials.

Bullet vibrators feature elongated, oval shaping, while eggs tend to be larger and more rounded. They’re available in different shapes and sizes – some are in bullet shape, others can be longer, rounder, slimmer or even in asymmetric shapes.

Eggs’ extra girth allows them to house larger motors, making them more powerful than bullets. Love eggs also boast a larger surface area, which makes them amazing for delivering an intense rumbling buzz to the entire labial zone. 

Some egg vibrators are even designed for insertion to deliver vibrating internal goodness and truly toe-curling sensations. Just check to make sure your egg vibrator has a retrieval cord, so it doesn’t get swallowed up by your pleasure.

To choose a good one for you, you need to look at the descriptions and check out the features of the toy such as:

The Materials

What materials is it made from? Body-safe is best, which can mean anything from medical-grade, body-safe silicone, glass, stainless steel, etc.

Is It Waterproof?

How many different speeds or vibration patterns does it have? You need to consider how sensitive you are down there.

Are There Good Reviews?

Since everyone has a different experience with vibrators, scoping out the reviews of how it worked out for other users can go a long way in deciding if something is worth getting.

Is It Rechargeable?

Rechargeable toys tend to cost more than battery-operated toys, but they’re way better for the environment, not to mention your wallet.

Is It Appropriate For Your Play?

If you fancy some specific scenes, make sure the product you choose can fulfil your fantasies. For example, if you plan to do some public play, make sure to choose a vibrator that produces low noise. If you fancy using your vibrator under the water, make sure the product you choose is fully waterproof and submersible.

Consider The Vibration

A good single bullet must provide a rumbly and pleasant vibration, which means the vibration should travel well under your skin and not make you feel numb or sore after the stimulation. This point is extremely important, especially if you will use the toy mainly for clit stimulation. Your clit has 8000 nerve endings and this nerve-rich organ needs great care.

Bang Bullets

Prepare to bang yourself with this tiny but powerful vibrating bullet! The ultra-powerful Bang Bullets will surprise you with their mighty thrumming power, controllable with a wireless remote control! Take advantage of the 3 different power levels and 7 different patterns to suit any kind of mood you are in.

The powerful vibration is enhanced by the silky-smooth body-safe silicone material – free of phthalates, non-porous, and easy to clean with warm water and mild soap. The waterproof design enables use in the shower or bathtub for a more relaxing session.

Or, you could choose the 10 Speeds Purple Rechargeable Remote Control Vibrating Egg. Feel like the royalty you are, with the opulent design of this rechargeable 10+ speed remote control vibrating egg. Featuring a lovely deep purple liquid silicone body adorned with ridges to caress your most sensitive spots, this egg is more than just a pretty face!

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