Do Men Use Vibrators For Sexual Stimulation?

Do Men Use Vibrators For Sexual Stimulation?

If you're someone who has traditional ideas about sex, you probably look at a vibrator and think, "yup, that's a female sex toy". However, that's not always true.

First off, I'll start with a simple fact. There isn't a lot of research on men's sex toy use. That's because of the traditional view that toys are more of a female thing, and men are perfectly okay with the five-finger choke for their solo sexual needs. Five-finger choke here means plain old masturbation, in case that euphemism wasn't clear enough.

Interestingly, some recent surveys have proven that sex toys aren't just for women and that an increasing number of men use these toys too. A great example is a recent national survey in Australia found that about 12% of the men surveyed reported having used a sex toy in the last year. Additionally, a national U.S. survey focusing specifically on men’s vibrator use found that 24.2% of guys reported having used a vibrator in the last year.

So, yes, men do use vibrators. If you're like me and you're asking this question for the reasons I think you are, you'd probably like to know why. Why do men use vibrators, and most importantly, how? After all, they don't have a clitoris, and they don't derive pleasure from placing a vibrator on their penises.

How Do Guys Use Vibrators?

Most guys report that they use vibrators during sexual intercourse with their partners. So they don't use vibrators for themselves. Instead, they use them on their partners. Having had sex with toys before, I can say that using toys while having sex with your partner (or partners) isn't a terrible idea and can be very satisfying if your partner knows their way around sex toys. 

Interestingly, only about 16% of the men who have used vibrators say they used it alone or for masturbation. Men who use vibrators to stimulate their prostate and induce orgasms to use something called a prostate vibrator. It's a different kind of vibrator useful for massaging the prostate because of its unique shape.

When most men were asked why they use vibrators, they replied that the toys are great for helping their partners achieve orgasms and for spicing up their sex life.

Who Are The Men That Use Vibrators?

Unsurprisingly, research indicates that men who use vibrators are married men or men living with a partner. In addition, these men are often not traditional. That is, they often have politically liberal leanings. They are also usually non-religious. Interestingly, most men who use vibrators are heterosexual men. I know you probably assumed that most people who use vibrators are gay, but an overwhelming majority seem to be heterosexual men.

One last thing to add about male vibrator use is that men who use vibrators report better erectile and orgasmic function. Right now, we have no idea what the causal link between both events is, but it's an interesting thing to note, don't you think?

Now, this doesn't mean that using a vibrator will increase your erectile function. The data may just mean that men who use vibrators already have great erectile and orgasmic function, and it has nothing to do with their use of vibrators.

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