10 Lesser Known Erogenous Zones: What They Are & How to Stimulate Them!

10 Lesser Known Erogenous Zones: What They Are & How to Stimulate Them!

Eregious zones? No. Eregorious Zones? Not quite. Ero-gen-ous zones? Correct!

Simply put, erogenous zones are areas of the human body that are especially sensitive to stimulation! After all, our skin is one of our bodies biggest sex organs.  

Of course, we know the obvious ones - our saucy bits. The vagina, vulva (that includes the clitoris), penis, scrotum, nipples, and bum – after all they’re the ones we always hear about, and the areas that porn typically explores. However, there are quite a few surprising erogenous zones around the body that could also do with some more TLC.

These are the main sweet spots to know – that’ll work for all bodies – male, female, and non-binary! 

** Obviously, we’re all going to have differed erogenous zones – so you may not feel the exact same tingly goodness in the same area as another person. However, with that said, you’ll likely have more of these spots that you could have ever imagined, so Be Daring! **




1. The Lips and Mouth

Ignite your mind and let the passion of a kiss bond you and your partner. The lips are home to some of the thinnest, and nerve packed skin in the body, which means they’re super receptive to sensation!

How to stimulate it:

Well of course we know kissing, and the good ol’ two tongue dance – but have you ever thought of how you can maximise this erogenous zone? Why not stimulate senses other than touch, such as taste and temperature play! To experiment with different flavours, it could be as simple as tasting fruit during sex – but the connection is what matters.



2. The Neck

The nape of the neck, running all the way up to the sensitive skin behind the ears, is home to a high concentration of light-touch receptors.

How to stimulate it:

All you need is a little touch! Encourage your sexual partner to teasingly run the tips of their fingers - or for even better results a feather or metal tickler - up and down your neck as you kiss (or do it to them to drop a hint) to hit that concentration of nerves But, if you’re really looking to spice things up, then establish no kissing on the lips and have your partner focus on kissing your neck instead. It’ll drive you crazy, in the best possible way!



3. The Ear Lobes


With thin sensitive skin on the outside and hundreds of sensory receptors on the inside, the ears top the list of erogenous zones for many people.

How to stimulate it:

Ears can be sexy! For ear stimulation, that’s sure to hit the spot – keep it light and teasing. Nobody wants a wet willy, sure you can take advantage of the ear canals sensory receptors by whispering, moaning, or lightly blowing into their ear. But most people will find, it’s the earlobes that really do it for them! Try lightly nibbling, kissing, licking, or sucking your sexual partners earlobes during play.



4. The Small of The Back (Sacrum)

All the pleasure that can be attributed to the small of the back, might have some correlation with the fact that the nerves in this portion of the spine are connected to the pelvis – increasing blood flow through the area is a sure-fire way to boost sensation.

How to stimulate it:

Take advantage of the intimacy of kisses and light touches in the area, or lick and blow on the skin to give a chilly thrill! I personally vote in favour of convincing your partner to give you a light massage in the area.



5. Navel and Lower Stomach

The navel and lower stomach— the sweet spot between above your pubic mound —is a remarkable erogenous zone and arousal trigger. But why? Well, the area just above your pelvis can be a major tease – think about how close it is to your genitals. Most importantly however, is that stimulating that area with your hands or mouth helps get the blood flowing to the other major sensation zones lurking just below.

How to stimulate it:

Love your tummy, and let your partner love it! Use your mouth and hands, to caress and tease the area – believe me they’ll be begging you to go lower. Even incorporate a tickler to create sensations that the human hands just can’t. It’s also important to note that this area, can be one of insecurity for many, so it can be an extremely liberating act to turn it into an arousal trigger!



6. Inner Arms & Wrists

Home of the pulse point and not used to getting a lot of action, the inner arm and wrist are highly sensitive to touch!

How to stimulate it:

This can be as subtle as simply teasingly running the tips of your fingers up and down the area. However, if you’re looking to really spice things up, then incorporate wrist restraints into the picture – the lack of freedom and encasement of the erogenous zone can be just as stimulating. 


Upper Body Erogenous Zones
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7. Behind the Knee

Behind the knee is another sensitive, nerve-rich area of the body. Although home to nerve heavy skin, this area of the body is not the usual place you would expect to find your next sweet spot.

How to stimulate it:

Paying particular attention to it during a full-body massage can elicit arousal! Work your way up and take advantage of this area alongside the back of the thighs.



8. The Back of The Thighs

Having the back of your thighs massaged, traced, and grabbed feels good! Why you ask? The area is adorned with is very soft and reactive tissue, and stimulating it increases blood flow to the area, which of course is located very closely to the genital region.

How to stimulate it:

Creativity is key! Try light spanking, or a massage to encourage bloody flow to the area – even the caress of your fingers can do wonders. If you want to really heat things up and increase blood flow to the entire region, use warming drip candles or a warming massage oil!



9. The Feet

Feet have many nerve endings and pressure points and stimulating this often-neglected area with a foot massage or light touching can lead to pleasurable sensations.

How to stimulate it:

The key to enjoyable foot play during sex is approaching the area with creativity and confidence. To find those hidden sweet spots, experimentation is essential! Alternate between soft and firm touches and using the mouth, tongue, fingers, and even genitals to stimulate the feet.


Erogenous Zones Lower Body
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10. The Brain

Often forgotten from the conversation, it’s important to remember the mental stimulation is just as important as physical! Take advantage of what turns you on,

How to stimulate it:

Our minds are an expansive pleasure scape! Stimulating your mind, is the first key to arousal. Try different erotic mediums to find what strokes your fancy best! This can be porn, erotica, roleplay, or even just introducing new aspects of foreplay during sex. A good sex life, and ever-evolving sex life.


Final Thoughts

So there you have it, The 10 Lesser Known Erogenous Zones that'll work for all kinds of bodies! Of course, when trying anything new, make sure to regularly check in with your partner and ensure they are enjoying it! 

Stimulating the erogenous zones of the body can lead to more intimacy between you and your sexual partners, more pleasure, and better orgasms! If you're looking to spice your sex life up, then check out our blog: The Must Try Sex Positions of 2021. 

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