Best Ways To Enjoy Sexual Health Awareness Day With Your Partner

Best Ways To Enjoy Sexual Health Awareness Day With Your Partner

Sexual health is more than a physical act. It includes the emotional, psychological, intellectual and spiritual aspects as well to be balanced throughout one's life. With September 4 being Sexual Health Awareness Day, we are going to look at the best ways to enjoy this special day with your partner.

Conscious Communication

In order to have healthy relationships, it is important for you both to know how and when the topic of sex comes up. You may want to revisit your discussion about sexual limits with each other as well. It will be worth repeating that communication between partners should focus on mutual respect above all else during these conversations. If one person says "no", accept their refusal without feeling insulted or becoming hostile toward them - this can only hurt your relationship in the long run!

Celebrate sexual health by expressing affection in a non-sexual way. For example, you can hold hands or kiss without getting too touchy and making others feel uncomfortable. Talk to your partner about sex before it happens so they know what's going on; if someone says no, respect that person’s boundaries and limits when touching them physically throughout the day; be sensitive towards other people around you who might not want physical contact with strangers at any moment of their daily lives.

Lack of communication is one reason why sex may feel routine and lacklustre. It would be best if you both had a healthy dose of introspection to go along with that level of communication, asking yourselves: Is the relationship helping me express my truth? If your partner has offended you by their actions or words, it's important for them to know as soon as possible so they can correct themselves before things get worse.

Speak up and if they have offended you with how they looked at someone. You will become closer, the longer it takes for you to let them know of your dissatisfaction due to resentment building which can lead down a negative path in your relationship. Shorten this time between feeling hurt and letting the other person know by speaking up sooner!

Recognise The Importance Of Cultivating An Intimate Friendship With Your Partner

Do you know the quality of your relationship with your partner is far more important for feeling intense intimacy in the bedroom?

Without the trust, safety, and emotional connection in a relationship it can be difficult to fully engage with your partner. Without accepting them for who they are as well as understanding their needs you may not have that physical attraction which is also important when engaging sexually. Ultimately what makes sex so pleasurable is feeling at home around someone else.

One of the most important ways to increase trust and decrease fear in your relationship (which hinders intimacy during sex) is developing a solid, always-evolving friendship with your partner. When you can comfortably share information without being judged, you are better able to offer more and surrender yourself fully while having sexual intercourse.

Get Tested

Although you may have received the HPV vaccination and used condoms religiously if you are hooking up with new people or your partner is, it is recommended that you get tested for STIs every year. These screenings are not just when something seems off- as most STIs won't cause symptoms. On a positive note though; they aren’t too intimidating to perform so make sure to do them regularly!

When you turn 25, it is time to start getting regular cervical screenings. You and your partner can do this together during the same visit as an STI screening if they are done at the same place like we recommend! The healthcare professionals would be happy to see all of their patients when September comes around because sexual health awareness happens that month. 

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