How Much Does A Cowgirl Sex Machine Cost?

How Much Does A Cowgirl Sex Machine Cost?

Some things just sound expensive. You don't have to see a Lamborghini, for example, to know that it'll cost a lot of money. It already sounds costly.

That's the same effect that a cowgirl sex machine gives when you hear the name. You immediately know that this is no ordinary sex toy. In fact, this might not be a sex toy at all. Instead, it's a sex machine!

So, yeah, the cowgirl sex machine might be on the costly side. It's certainly costlier than your regular sex kits, dildos and vibrators. Yet, it's not prohibitively so. That means most people probably can not buy one on a whim, but they probably will be able to buy one after a few months of saving.

Like all sex toys, cowgirl sex machines don't cost a certain amount. Instead, exact prices are determined by a host of factors — this includes whether you're getting it from an overseas store, the price the company manufacturing the machine sells it at, whether you're buying from a third party, and whether you're getting any discounts.

In any case, most people will be able to get a decent cowgirl sex machine for around $2,500. But that's only a decent one — certain machines go for less but have question marks on their quality.

If, for example, you're getting this $2,500 cowgirl sex machine from, here are some of the things you should expect to enjoy.

Comfort And Style

A lot of sex toys feel good — in fact, most of them actually do the basics pretty well. Sadly, only a few of them manage to look good while making you feel good. It's either the colour is off, or it just looks like something you wouldn't want to own.

But this sex machine certainly doesn't look like the others. It's sleek, comfortable, and stylish. For one, the toy is completely handmade, so there are certainly no factory errors. Every compartment of the machine is dutifully put together by skilled workers with years of experience in their field.

It's also made from premium vegan leather — so not only does it look good and feel great, but it also does it while not hurting any animals. It's also made from completely body-safe materials, so you can go as crazy on it as you want.


So the cowgirl sex machine looks great. That's all well and good. But does it feel great? There are no shortages of sex toys that look attractive but don't perform great. Is this toy one of them?

The answer to that is a big fat no. The cowgirl sex machine features a 360-degree swivel rotation for penetration and comes with an industry-first capacity for 1200 RPM of ultra-strong vibrations. That's right — no other sex toy in the industry right now can give you the kind of sensations that this baby comes with.

To make things even better, the toy comes with one attachment for purely mind-blowing external pleasure, and another for intense blended G-Spot stimulation.

So it doesn't matter what kind of stimulation does it for you — or whether both of them work wonders for you. You'll get them regardless.

To round all of that off, you can literally control the performance of the machine through an app on your phone. So it's basically hands-free pleasure all the way.

That's a lot of features to pack into one sex toy, wouldn't you say? And that's probably why it costs so much money. But in my opinion, I'd say it's worth it.

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