What Makes A Good Adult Store?

What Makes A Good Adult Store?

If you're a regular at adult stores, you'd know that while a majority of them are good, some can be a bit sketchy. And if you're not a regular at adult stores, here's a guide to tell you what to look out for when deciding whether a store is sketchy or not.

The Vibe

And no, I don't mean the vibrator. Have you ever started speaking to someone and just found their vibe a bit off? They didn't do anything, but you just felt uncomfortable speaking with them at all?

And have you ever felt the opposite with someone? Maybe you just met the person, and for some reason or the other just found them very comfortable to speak to?

Well, that happens with adult stores too. Whenever you walk into an adult store and feel the wrong vibe, that's a sign that you probably should go somewhere else. Yes, the vibe might be nothing and may say nothing about the quality of the store.

However, you must remember that this is about your comfort. If you feel something is off about a store, you're free to stop going there. A good adult store doesn't have to just be good — it has to feel good for you too. And if you don't feel like you're in one, it's perfectly rational to leave.

Helpful Staff

Another thing you should look out for when judging the quality of an adult store is how helpful the staff is.

When you walk into an adult store, there's every probability that you won't really know what you're looking for most of the time. And since sex is still a taboo topic that makes people anxious, the quality of adult products and brands isn't something that is wildly discussed.

This means that you'll almost always need the help of the staff at the store to decide on what you want. And adult store staff usually know this. That's why they are usually understanding and friendly and are always offering to help you find what you want, or what you might like.

However, if you walk into a store and find out that the staff aren't helpful, that may be a sign to leave. There are so many adult stores out there that have very helpful staff, and the ones that don't aren't very useful. Why would you spend your hard-earned cash on an establishment that doesn't value your patronage?


The one thing that adult stores understand how to do best is how to balance help with privacy. The best adult stores know when to give you privacy to either think, test things out or even have a wank with a product.

However, some adult stores find it difficult to even do something as simple as that. If you're in an adult store and figure out that they are not giving you privacy when you need it, and are constantly hovering around you during moments that you should be left alone, you need to see your way out.


The best adult stores are tolerant of every sexuality and gender expression. If you're in an adult store and feel like your pronouns or sexuality isn't being respected, you should probably leave. That's certainly not a great store.


And lastly, the best adult stores have variety. They have something for everyone. It doesn't matter what your kinks are, how vanilla or extreme they are, your sexuality, sexual orientation, and whatever else — the best adult stores should always have something for someone.

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