How To Please Her: 5 Sex Toys She Really Wants You To Use In The Bedroom

How To Please Her: 5 Sex Toys She Really Wants You To Use In The Bedroom

Every couple has their dynamic during sex, and for a lot of them, it is fairly straightforward. But looking at it closely, some ladies want their partners to use certain kinds of sex toys in the bedroom but might be too shy to ask. So to help you spice things up, here are a few toys we know she wants you to use.

NOTE: Be sure to get your partner’s consent before and during the use of any of these toys. Constant communication is the key to actually knowing what she wants and how she wants it. But after all that is done, let her have it.

Scandal Flogger

Tease the submissive side of her by making sure she knows who’s the boss in the bedroom and that in your kingdom, no disobedience shall go unpunished. A flogger will let her know that as much as you will do anything for her, she had better behave or she’ll get spanked real good. Teasing her clit with the extensions of this designer flogger will leave her quivering and begging to be punished because she knows she's been a bad girl. Have her on her knees, ass out, and face down; she doesn’t get to see this flogger as it makes contact with her backside and makes sure she counts the number of strokes she’s getting because punishment is no excuse for laziness.

Bondage Kit

She might not say it, but deep down, your woman wants to be tied down and dominated. She yearns for the day you place those cuffs on her wrists and ankles, have her exposed and vulnerable, and have your way with her. This bondage kit has everything you need to let her know she’s yours and yours alone to do with as you wish. It comes with cuffs for each limb, a hogtie, and a satin blindfold to make sure she doesn’t see your next move. With this amazing 7 piece kit, you can have her exposed while you tease her sensitive parts till she is begging to be ravaged.

The 15 Inch Dildo

A lot of ladies enjoy playtime alone with their dildos and vibrators, doing things to their parts as they fantasise. But one thing they may not tell you is, they want you to do those things to them using those toys too. She wants you to look her in the eyes as you insert this dildo into her, pushing and twisting it deep and further into her until she is shaking. This massive dildo isn’t for beginners, but it can also be used by any couple, as long as they use a lot of lube.

Finger Vibrator

A finger vibrator may be small, but it can do an obscene amount of damage to her composure, making her spit words like “please, yes, don’t stop, you bastard” all at once. This little devil of a toy is a teaser tool that should be in your arsenal of ways to drive her wild in bed because when this toy comes into contact with her clit she becomes a wild fox on heat panting for a mate to ravage her. Hold this toy at the tip of your finger and, with its broad, tender tip, make your way to her nipples not moving on until they are as pointy as a wizard's hat. Her inner thighs, too, can make her give up her bank account, but you want to focus on the jackpot, the clit, and then she’s all yours.

We-Vibe Couples Vibrator

There are very few toys a couple can use together simultaneously, and lucky for you, this one is among the few.An adjustable touch-responsive vibrator that is meant to fit in her pussy with another edge stimulating her clit. The bonus here is, you can fit in there with the toy, both you and the toy can get to work on giving her the best orgasm of her life. Meanwhile, you’re getting stimulated as well with the toy vibrating beside your penis inside her pussy. What more can a man ask for?

With this new information, you are as ready as you would ever be to give your partner the time of her life.

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