Can you use lubes with Dragon Dildos?

Can you use lubes with Dragon Dildos?

Each Bad Dragon dildo and masturbator is hand-poured and sent from the USA using the best silicones on the market that are created in the US, are platinum-cured, and are safe for human use. Although silicone is highly resilient, it is not unbreakable! You need to be aware of a few things to make sure your toy lasts a long time and is still functional. For starters, silicone does not enjoy being bit by or sliced by pointed items, and it does not react well to abrasion with rough surfaces. This is due to the toy's susceptibility to ripping caused by silicone rips.

Second, silicone is incompatible with lubricants made with silicone. We advise against letting silicone lube get in contact with your toys. With your toy, use high-quality water-based lubrication. Contrary to the majority of lubes on the market that resemble cum, Bad Dragon Clear Cum Lube is different. Nearly the majority of them are hybrid lubricants, falling somewhere between silicone- and water-based lubricants. The Bad Dragon variant only contains water as a basis. This formulation is more recent. Parabens were in the original. This composition is totally devoid of parabens. Although it works well on any silicone toy and all of the other materials I tested, Bad Dragon Cum Lube was created to go with their line of award-winning and utterly original fantasy silicone dildos. It is also the preferred lubrication for their line of lube-shooting dildos. On silicone devices, you should never use a silicone-based lubrication, and you should be wary of using a hybrid lube. Most of the time, high-quality silicone makes this situation unproblematic, but who wants to take the chance of damaging a pricey silicone toy?

The secret to a useful lube evaluation is figuring out the optimal use for the current formulation. No one person can accomplish it all. This one is particularly effective as a silicone toy lubricant. In terms of female manual stimulation, it also works fairly well, and the most frequent response was some variation of "it feels less like lube and more like me." In contrast to the feel of the really slick silicone lubes, I felt it to be highly slippery but in a more natural way. It has a very similar texture to vaginal secretions when I touch it. For successful male manual stimulation, I discovered that it dried out a little too quickly; however, this was not a problem when applied vaginally. Although the flavour is quite faint, not everyone liked it. Although I found it to be quite neutral, it is usually a good idea to taste a new lubrication before applying it with the intention of having oral sex. The smell was not offensive and was also pretty light.

This immediately becomes stringy, just like with real cum. It actually has a stringy texture while still being slick, unlike some lubes where stringiness signals that the lube is drying out.

We tried the drip test, which was an intriguing experiment. A drop quickly formed on skin and started to fall. However, it didn't drip on a sex toy; instead, it seemed to cling to the surface. It required several stern shakes before it began to trickle. Instead of pouring it into your hand first and then applying it to the toy, you should probably apply it immediately to the toy. Cleaning requires a little bit more work compared with the majority of water-based lubes. While non-staining, it does not simply wipe off; to truly remove it, wash in soap and water after use.

People were a little dubious that Bad Dragon could produce an effective lube in the face of such fierce competition because they are a David going up against several slick Goliaths. This proves to be a solid introduction into the very competitive market of lubes for its intended functions and is quite well-liked in the alt community.

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