Are Glass Dildos Safe For Anal Penetration?

Are Glass Dildos Safe For Anal Penetration?

For a long time, glass dildos have been the next best thing after ice cream on a waffle cone. Yeah, we are talking about little things packed with the potential to satisfy you and amp up your pleasure to the max. When you think dildo, you probably think first of your silicone, fleshy kind of dildo, as these bad boys offer you the best feeling your sex toy can give, not to mention with cool, body-safe material.

Using A Glass Dildo Has A Lot Of Benefits

Seriously, using glass for anal play? Isn’t that a tad risky? The answer is no. It is safe because the material is made out of annealed glass. This means that the glass has been treated so it doesn’t shatter or break when it is dropped or… when used in intense anal foreplay. It is very durable.

What’s more, these glass dildos are so easy to clean. Sexual intercourse allows infections to thrive; the fluids that human bodies create during sexual activities may come with a virus or two, you never know (unless you get tested, which you should), and sex toys give leeway to those bacteria to stay, that’s why you have to keep your toys cleaned and sanitised (body-safe always).

Now think of this, glass dildos are the easiest to clean because all you need is to wash with gentle soap and wipe with a clean cloth! Glass dildos are thermosensitive, meaning that they can transform your sexual activities from basic to otherworldly. You can have your glass dildo heated (heating it with warm water) or by putting it in the fridge.

Get Experimental

So, let us test out this scenario. You just finish a sexual activity using this glass dildo. You have another appointment, but you know they dig the temperature play. Do you pop it in the fridge just like that, in a hurry? Yes, only if you want a wad of infections! No, because you can literally be done cleaning it in 3 minutes. 

You can share glass dildos because they are made with non-porous material, are easy to clean, and you can share with your partner. Increasing or decreasing the temperature the toy emits is an upgrade because it will most likely cause a tingly feeling.

For some reason, this product is beautifully misleading, and you may be able to get away with using it as a room decoration. For many people, a glass dildo is so amazing because it combines a beautiful and artistic appearance with a durable build that is perfect for getting the job done.

Crystal Glass Wand

If you’re curious about exploring the surprisingly large and varied world of glass sex toys, here is one of the best glass dildos to start with Crystal Glass Wand Green. Crystal glass is ideal for experimenting with temperature play. It is tapered for easy insertion and is made of one hundred per cent hygienically superior borosilicate glass.

As you would expect, it has been annealed for safety and currently comes in different shapes and sizes (excuse the pun). What annealed means is that the glass is heated in an annealed kiln to prevent any fractures or occlusions in the glass, making it tough and strong as the name says, Crystal Clear. You can use this toy with any type of lubricant.

The Crystal Glass Butt Plug Green is smooth and weighted specifically for anal play. It is also ideal for experimenting with temperature play. This toy is three inches long, a perfect size for anal play!

If you are looking for adult sex toys to help you broaden your sexual horizons and explore the wonders of masturbation, then please feel free to drop into one of our stores or call us today on 1800 666 069. We are always here to help!

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