Beginner’s Guide to Classic Vibrators!

Beginner’s Guide to Classic Vibrators!

Whether you’re a beginner or expert when it comes to adult sex toys, classic vibrators are a toy for everyone, regardless of experience, to enjoy either on their own or with a partner! If you’re not familiar with these popular sex toys, which probably applies to you if you’re reading this, here’s our informative beginner’s guide to help you out!


What are Classic Vibes?

Nowhere is the world of sex toys more exciting and diverse than with vibrators. Classic Vibrators are the most popular style of vibrator, and they are traditionally phallic shaped, tapered, and smooth making them the perfect toy for beginners. Classic vibrators come in a large variety of shapes, sizes, textures and colours. They may be made from any material but are typically made from latex or silicone, making them perfect for internal penetration, and host all the already enticing features you’ll find dongs equipped with. 

Classic vibrators often offer multi-speeds or intensity settings, controlled either by a dial or push button. Classic vibrators offer gentle vibrations increasing to extremely powerful and intense. First-time users should start with the vibrator at its lowest intensity setting and then experiment with the higher settings to select the most suitable.


Why a Classic Vibrator?

What sets classic vibrators aside from the rest is just how versatile they are. These vibes may be used externally to stimulate the erogenous zones of the skin, clitoris, and nipples. But are also designed to be used internally, offering you the fullness that you would experience from traditional penis/dildo penetration but with the added bonus of nerve tingling vibration. This versatility makes them a great toy for beginners of vibrating toys, giving users the opportunity to experiment and discover how they best experience the sensation. From there you can move onto other styles of vibrators, which focus on specific internal or external areas, or both! 

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An ideal first-time classic vibrator is the silicone classic range. Made of body safe silicone, waterproof, featuring 10 speeds and intensities, and hosting thin and thick toys at an inexpensive price, they’re the perfect toy for anyone wanting to dip their toes in the vibrating toy world. 


Buying Your Classic Vibrator

There are many things to consider when buying your first classic vibrator, realistically, view it as an investment in your pleasure!


Things to consider, include: 

  • Design – Does it look appealing to you? Is it the correct size? 
  • Texture and Material – Is it body-safe? What is it made from?
  • Intensity – Is it strong enough, or too strong? Does it have a variety of intensity settings?
  • Battery-operated vs. Rechargeable – How is it powered? What would you prefer?

All these features can affect or even improve the quality of the toy, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for! For example; you’ll typically find a rechargeable toy has a higher intensity and longer usage time, whereas a battery operated is significantly more affordable, these all play a factor in the process.


Final Thoughts

It’s all about exploring your own preferences, feel free to discover our large diverse range of Classic Vibes here at BeDaring the Adult Shop: click here

At BeDaring the Adult shop we encourage fun and safe sexual exploration, and the best way to know what works for you is to try it yourself!
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