A Guide To Using Waterproof Vibrators

A Guide To Using Waterproof Vibrators

Turn on the water and check on the temperature. Take off your clothes. Pick up the soap. Get in the tub. Close the shower curtains. This is the place to be, with your waterproof vibrator. Do you want to get to the next level? Waterproof vibes are the way to go. While there are plenty of sex toys for her that make for a great time under the covers, waterproof sex toys are specifically designed to be submerged in water, so you can enjoy playtime in the body of water of your choice.

A lot of people find solo play in the bath or shower to be super relaxing. That is not a problem.

You need to be one hundred percent sure that your new friend is not just water-resistant, but waterproof. It is serious business; we don’t want unhealthy chemicals inside of us. You have to confirm that they are fully submersible.

It’s really important that you do read the small print to make sure the packaging or online description says ‘waterproof’. As well as being described as waterproof, you might see some vibrators labelled as being ‘submersible’. It’s still the same thing.

To be really sure, battery-powered waterproof vibrators are completely watertight when the well-sealed battery compartment is properly closed, and many rechargeable toys are also completely safe to use underwater because of the way the charging point is concealed.

The coolest thing is, your options are pretty much endless. A wide variety, to say the least. After choosing your toy, here is a guide to making the most of your wet situation.

Get The Lube

Not a water-based one though, pick up a bottle of silicone lubricant instead. These ones are water-resistant, so they will last extremely long in the shower if the shower is more your go. Remember, though, that silicone lube can only be used with plastic sex toys (or glass or metal), not silicone ones.

Confirm Safety

This should actually come first, safety first! Make sure to tightly close your waterproof vibrator before taking it into the bathroom. Give the base a twist until it’s tight, then twist again to make it extra secure.

Get Comfortable

Using your submerged vibrator in water will make it a lot noisier as the sound will be amplified. If you need your session to be quieter, get out of the tub and get in the shower!

If you are new to this, that’s why we are here. Start your sex adventure with the My First Jack Rabbit Rotating Vibrator.

Some Rabbit-Style vibrators can be very complicated and fiddly to operate, but the My First Jack Rabbit by Calexotics has been designed to minimise confusion and maximise pleasure, making it a perfect choice for your first sex toy.

The smooth and flexible shaft is lined with sensation giving beads that can spin in either direction, the choice is yours, and are supported by a strong motor that won't cut out or stop spinning when you need it most.

The long rabbit attachment has its own powerful motor and separate controls giving you independent vibrations and a choice of two body tingling speeds. And for the best news? It is fully waterproof for steamy shower or tub fun.

Hey, with the Jack Rabbit vibrator, you can have easy access, you could keep it on your shelf, and you are good to go. Just be careful in case any house guests with roaming fancy have a little soak in your tub.

If you are looking for the best adult sex toys to help you broaden your sexual horizons, then please feel free to drop in to one of our stores or call us today on 1800 666 069. We are always here to help!

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