Penis Pumps 101: What to Expect from Your First Use

Penis Pumps 101: What to Expect from Your First Use

When done correctly, cock pumping can be an effective procedure for penile enlargement and may even aid in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Long-term results can be obtained with frequent pumping and adequate maintenance.



When pumping, your pump tube should be large enough to allow your penile tissue to grow but not so large that it begins to draw your scrotum into the tube. We recommend a tube with a gap about the width of a pinky between the outside of your erect penis and the inside wall of the tube. Boys, don't exaggerate your size here - a tube that is too large can abruptly drag your testicles into the tube, which is not a pleasant sensation.



Your pubic hair should be trimmed. It's hard to have a decent pump without a good seal, and even a few stray hairs can make getting a good seal much more difficult. If you like a more natural look, there's no need to shave everything; nonetheless, shaving a ring around the base of the shaft and some of the scrotum will make your pump session more successful. Try to do this a day or two before pumping to enable any nicks or scrapes to heal.

Prepare yourself. Warm the skin and muscles of your groin and member with a hot shower or bath. This will assist with overall expansion and blood flow. Some pumpers may fill a sock with rice, microwave it briefly, and use it as a heating pad.

Lubricate your penis and cylinder. A good amount of water-based lubrication should be applied to the bottom 2 or 3 inches of the inside of your cylinder. Thicker lubes work best and will not run or let air leak through. If you're having trouble getting a good seal, consider petroleum jelly (although keep in mind that petroleum jelly can deteriorate any silicone cushions you're using faster than water-based lubrication).

Your penis should be fully lubricated from the glans to the base of the shaft. Avoid getting lubrication on your scrotum; this will protect it from being sucked into the tube.

Pay close attention. Get yourself upright. Boys, you know what to do.

Wipe your hands clean with a dry towel. This will make it much easy to operate the pump.

Fill the tube with your erect penis. Ensure that the tube is firmly placed into your pelvic region. If necessary, rotate the tube a quarter inch to the right and left to achieve a better seal. Pull down on the skin to ensure that your scrotum is not bunching near the tube. Pumping is considerably easier and safer when you are erect since your vascular system is already full of blood and the tissue is expanded. Without standing erect, you would have to pump at a slower tempo while waiting for the pump to perform what your body does normally. Pumping too quickly with a flaccid penis can also cause tissue or skin damage.



Put your seal to the test. Pump a small amount of air out of the tube to ensure a good seal. When utilising a pump with a gauge, this is much easier to measure. If the dial moves, you have a leak; add more lubricant or use thicker lubrication and try again.

Pump it up. Once you've achieved a good seal, you can start eliminating air from the tube. You should not pump too quickly as a novice, and there should be no point when you experience pain. Slow down and pay attention to your body. The goal is to gradually stretch the skin and expand the tissue without tearing or breaking the cells. Never pump to the point where you're experiencing pain. Pumping should feel like strong tugging and a nice extension of your shaft and glans, similar to an improved erection.

Set a timer. Most Penis Pump providers recommend a 10-minute first pump time. When your timer goes off, open the pump valve and let the air back into the tube. Always pay attention to your timer, no matter how much you enjoy what's going on. It's easy to get carried away, but patience is essential for an effective pumping regimen.

Massage the affected area.

Massage extra lubrication into the skin and tissue of your erection once you've freed yourself from the tube. This maintains your skin moisturised and promotes blood flow to the parts of your penis that were just stretched for 10 minutes.

You've finished the first round of pumping! Your penis should feel plumper and more engorged.

Round 2 and onward. If you've followed these recommendations and listened to your body as a beginner, it's fine to undertake one more round of pumping.

When you have a bit more experience under your belt and understand how pumping affects your body, you can add more rounds and work your way up to a regular pumping routine.

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Pumping twice or three times per week yields the finest results. Allow at least 24 hours between treatments for your penis to heal. Consider it like a workout routine: if you don't allow for recuperation time, you'll wind up doing more harm than good.

Complete 2 cycles of pumping 2 to 3 times each week for the first 5 weeks.

Weeks 6–10, raise the suction slightly and leave the tube in place for 15 minutes. Pump three times a week, remembering to massage in between rounds and allowing for rest time.

Increase the suction as needed after 10 weeks and leave the tube on for 15 minutes each cycle. Pump three times a week, adding an extra round or two to your workouts.

REMEMBER TO LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. If you notice any blisters or strange colouring, reduce the intensity of your routine. Again, pumping should not be painful.

Around the 6 week mark, you should see a considerable difference in size when flaccid, and if you're diligent, 10 to 12 months of frequent pumping will give you a girthier and probably longer erect shaft.

Maintenance. Maintaining your enhanced dick and erections necessitates pumping at least every other week.



Cleaning your tube should be as simple as using soap and warm water. Do not put the tube in the dishwasher because the high temperatures can cause the acrylic to shatter.

Make sure to wash any used cushions so that the lubricant does not sit on the toy and ruin the silicone.



You should not ejaculate before pumping. Keep it in reserve for when your penis is engorged and sensitive.

Some pumpers will wear a shaft ring or cockring after pumping to extend the life of their pump.

When paired with cock pumping, "jelqing" is a unique manner of rubbing the penis muscles that will help you achieve a longer penis.

As you achieve new lengths, use a sharpie to indicate your progress on the side of the tube.

It is fairly uncommon to discover that after routinely pumping, you may need to expand the size of your tube.

This is typical. Swelling may occur, particularly in the foreskin. Excess liquid (referred to as "edema") has become trapped in your skin and will be eliminated by your body within a few hours. You should be concerned only if you develop edema that lasts more than a day. Reduce the suction during your next pump session.

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