The Best G-Spot Sex Toys for Orgasms!

The Best G-Spot Sex Toys for Orgasms!

These 10 G-Spot Vibrators and Sex Toys will have you hooked!

The oh-so elusive G-Spot orgasm… Once referred to as a single point or “spot” of pleasure (which left a lot of us ladies feeling like we missed out on the G-Spot lottery), it is now best-believed that on-average 90% of the clitoris lies internally, running along the clitoral-urethral vein on the anterior side of the vaginal wall – running right under the exposed clitoris, this vein is often referred to as the G-Spot. However, this isn’t a particular “spot” as the tissue mass and location will be different for everyone with a vagina!

The best part? Many people find they can achieve pleasure or orgasm when stimulating this specific zone rather than just a spot. It’s all about creativity, experimentation, and understanding your personal preferences – something that takes time and is ever evolving. Which leads me to why so many vagina owners like to have a G-spot sex toy lying around, because let’s be honest, at least a sex toy doesn’t get tired!


What is a G-Spot Sex Toy?

A G-Spot sex toy usually comes in the form of a longer toy with a slightly curved, bulbous, or hooked tip that’s meant to rub up against and target on the specific zone you intend. These kinds of toys are intended for penetrative use, however because this vein only runs on average 3-5 inches into the vagina, you won’t find them to have as much insertable length as other penetrative toys (aka dildo’s).

Whether you prefer a dual orgasm (your clitoris and g-spot working as a team), or are looking for a design that puts your G-Spot in the spotlight, we’ll have a G-spot sex toy for you!
Picked, tried, and tested by our professional team of Sex Educators, here are our top 10 Best G-spot Sex Toys for your needs:


Osci 2 by Lovense

Starting off strong with a Be Daring favourite, the Osci 2 by Lovense, is a high-tech pleasure device that is paving the way for the future of G-spot sex toys!

Osci 2 by Lovense

Instead of vibrating like other traditional toys, this toy has a patented oscillating feature that moves the vibrations in and out - pleasuring your “G-Spot” in ways you’ve never imagined. The soft and spongey liquid silicone oval head of the toy combined with Lovense’s patented oscillating mechanism also delivers unique and powerful stimulation. If you haven’t yet gotten to experience an internally oscillating toy (yet), picture an incredibly soft silicone finger, gently rubbing small circles against your vaginal wall - how delightful, especially when you have full control of the intensity!

Designed with comfort in mind, the Osci 2 also has subtle curves down the shaft to ensure that it is precisely curved to fit your curves! Not only that but it also features the perfect button position for solo play or use with a partner, so you can always keep the pleasure rolling.

With full app control, long distance control, 100% waterproofing, and elegant design – the Osci 2 is the must have G-spot sex toy of 2021!




Cato by Vive

Let the Cato by Vive, rub you the right way!

Cato Pulse-Wave by Vive

A new arrival to Be Daring this year, we have been wowed by the orgasmic capabilities of the Cato by Vive! The Cato is a G-spot targeting pulsator and rabbit vibrator, making it a match in heaven! Think of the world’s best blended orgasms – and the Cato is probably what you’ll imagine!


The Pulse Wave G-Spot Stimulator provides a unique way to deliver stimulation by creating a strong pressure on the G-spot, while the clitoral tickler stimulates the clitoris. With 3 independently controlled motors for the internal vibrator, internal pulsator, clitoral vibrator, and over 1000 possible unique settings, the Cato gives you full control of your pleasure! As if it can’t get better, when you're getting close to climax, just one-touch of the special function climax button will immediately bring all the motors to full power/speed and, more importantly, bring you to an earth-shattering orgasm.




Gigi 2 by Lelo

Oh-em-GiGi! Meet this sexy pleasure product, with the perfect curves for EVERYBODY! Gigi 2 offers to accurately target your G-spot. Responsible for exhilarating pleasure world-wide, it is one of the most popular g-spot vibrators of all time.

Gigi 2 by LELO


Have you ever experienced the body shakes of a full-blown G-spot orgasm? You’re about to. The world-famous Gigi 2 takes G-spot orgasms to a whole new level. Its curved and flattened tip accurately targets your G-spot perfectly for exhilarating solo pleasure, every time.

This high-quality sex toy offers you everything from a teasing murmur to a satisfying pulse within its compact form, and the simple, 4-button controls let you easily find your perfect pattern and ideal intensity.




Rave by We-Vibe

The G-spot sex toy that you’ll be raving about!

Rave by We-Vibe

Beautifully sculpted and curved so it’s easy to hold, Rave offers effortless control of your pleasure. The asymmetrical shape leads directly to your G-spot, just press down gently on the handle to apply just the right amount of pressure, or add in a twist and the soft edges will stimulate the most sensitive areas of your vagina.

The soft design, and supremely powerful virations of Rave by We-Vibe will stimulate your senses and satisfy your G-spot. As stand-out aspect of the toy, the unique asymmetrical shape transforms your gentle movements or twists into pure pleasure – work smarter not harder!

Like the Osci 2, the Rave also features full app control, long distance control, and 100% water-proofing.





Cici by Svakom

Touch your most intimate places with the Cici by Svakom!

Cici by Svakom

Designed to imitate a human finger, the Cici is better! Made of silky-smooth silicone, this gorgeous slim vibrator is perfect for both internal and external stimulation – with such a slim design this vibrator is accessible for most bodies including: people with vaginismus, and people who have gone through MTF gender affirmation surgery.


Perfect for first-time users, its flexible head is contoured to locate and rub up against the G-spot, as well as being the perfect size and shape for toe-tingling clitoral play. Waterproof, travel-friendly, and packing a super strong, yet whisper-quiet motor, this 5-speed toy is the ideal accessory for every bedroom!




Stronic G by Fun Factory

Vibrating G-Spot sex toys are so 2015. Fun Factory’s Stronic G pulsating vibrator is what you’re looking for!

Stronic G by Fun Factroy

From German engineered brand, Fun Factory, comes the first G-spot stimulating pulsator! Repetitive rubbing, massaging, and motion is one of the most effective ways to stimulate the G-spot by applying pressure.

“Do you enjoy a massage? Because so does your G-spot!”  

With its slightly curved shaft and dense rounded tip, the Stonic G, uses hands-free thrusting technology (you can thank NASA for the idea!) to replicate the natural stroke of penis or dildo, the Stronic G allows for a natural feeling experience. Giving your G-spot the massage it deserves. Our favourite part though? Using the intuitive control panel, you have complete control on how deep, fast, and direct the stroke motion is.

You can even bring your fun to the bath with 100% waterproofing. Because what’s better than nice bubble bath and a massage? Almost nothing in the world!




Tiger G5 by Fun Factory

Release your inner beast with the Tiger G5 from Fun Factory!

Tiger G5 by Fun Factory

Another from one of our favourites sex toy brands, Fun Factory, comes the Tiger G5.

Ideal as a G-spot vibrator or dildo, the Tiger G5 is superbly curved so it will sit against your G-spot with an enlarged glans/tip. Not only that, but with 12 different vibrations, this kitty can purr or ROAR. It’s all up to you.

Why do we love the Tiger G5 for G-spot stimulation? The toys body is made from super soft body-safe silicone and is super flexible, bending to your every whim – you truly will have it tamed! Due to this design, we also recommend this toy for people with a retroverted uterus, as the toy can be used in any direction for stimulation and is not limited by a clitoral stimulator.

100% waterproof, an ergonomic design, and made to the high standard in the world, the Tiger G5 is an investment for your G-spot!




Charming Smile by Satisfyer

Ladies, why succumb to a man when Satisfyer has introduced you to the only Charming Smile you need?

Charming Smile Satisfyer Vibe

This versatile, soft touch vibe has the perfect curve for seeking that inner sweet spot pleasure without having to train him.

The  perfect size and shape – not to big and not too small -  and fitted with a soft, conforming and flexible silicone, the Charming Smile is the ideal G-spot sex toy for hitting that “spot”, and will have you beaming for days!

We love this toy as a G-spot vibrator because of its flexible and soft nature, its ergonomic design, 100% waterproofing, and a plethora of rumbly intensities and rhythms (36 different combinations) – all for an affordable price!




Sassy G-Spot Vibrator by Pillow Talk

A high-quality, deep and rumbly G-spot massager with the added elegance of Swarovski crystal.

Sassy by Pillow Talk

This toy is the perfect g-spot that oozes both functionality and elegance! Feel like a queen with high quality ultra-smooth silicone shaft, and a bottom control button that is comprised of a Swarovski crystal. Jewels and orgasms? Yes please.

With a beautifully thick and smoothly rounded head, the firm yet flexible neck means you can always find the perfect spot to rub against, while the cushioned, textured handle makes it comfortable and easy to grip even if things get a little slippery.

Not just another pretty face, the Sassy G-Spot Massager delivers deep rumbling vibrations to satisfy your inner-most desires. Using Press and Hold technology, it's easy to find the precise speed, and the whisper-quiet, powerful motor can last up to 2.5 hours off a single charge!

Water resistant for easy cleaning and with a travel lock for peace of mind the Sassy G-spot Massager is a gift of elegance and quality to yourself.




Crystal Glass G-Spot Wand

Sophisticated. Silky smooth. And delectably designed with a gentle curve to easily massage the all important G-spot.

Crystal Glass G-Spot Wand

Although there’s no buzzy business going on, glass massagers should not be overlooked for G-spot stimulation! Curved to apply pressure to the G-Spot, and weighted to provide a wonderfully fulfilling sensation, the Crystal Glass G-Spot Wand is made perfect by the fact that there’s absolutely no charging involved. Instant pleasure every time.

Perfect for beginner and experienced sex toy users, the Crystal Glass G-spot Wand is affordable, 100% hypo-allergenic borosilicate glass (super easy to clean), and made to last a lifetime.

Suitable with all lubricants at Be Daring, this is a must-have for all sex toy collections.




Final Thoughts

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to what makes an effective and pleasurable G-spot sex toy, we hope this list has helped provide some insight into what the experts define as the best G-spot vibrators! These choices were made considering; cost, functionality, flexibility, and discreetness. All the things we find work towards the best G-spot vibrators.

Should you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact our friendly professional staff on our Free Call number 1800 571 904.








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