Are Anal Vibrators Different To Classic Vibrators?

Are Anal Vibrators Different To Classic Vibrators?

Are Anal Vibrators Different To Classic Vibrators?

The age-old question, can a classic vibrator be used as an anal vibrator? Technically, for safety purposes, no. However, as the world of classic vibrators has expanded since their culmination, so has their functionality, and you’ll find that with many toys there are a variety of stimulation options available – even for anal – if you’re creative enough!

What Is A Classic Vibrator? 

Keep it simple silly! 

A master of many forms, the classic vibrator is an iconic pleasure tool for all women! Traditionally-shaped to mimic the phallic nature of a penis, classic vibrators are a penetrative toy that incorporates the best of both worlds! Typically featuring a tapered-tip for easy insertion, and a smoothly textured shaft that leads to a button base for easy use, it doesn’t get much better than that! However, the classic vibrator does have some limitations when it comes to anal play.  

What Is An Anal Vibrator? 

Although anal toys don’t need to vibrate it’s certainly more fun if they do! 

An anal toy can be any toy that comes with a flaired base at the bottom of it. Unlike the vaginal cavity, the rectum doesn’t have a cervix to ensure that your sex toys won’t get lost!  The rectum leads directly into the intestines, so it is important to only use toys that are anal-approved and safe. 

Anal vibrators can come in the form of: 

  • Vibrating Dildos with a Suction Cup Base 
  • Vibrating Anal Plugs 
  • Vibrating Anal Beads 
  • Vibrating P-Spot and G-Spot targeting toys

The Main Difference

Unfortunately, as versatile as classic vibrators are, they aren’t always suitable for backdoor fun! Often base-less, I can’t, with a good conscious encourage you to use Classic Vibrators for anal stimulation. Although all other aspects of a classic vibrator may suit what you’re looking for, the rectum just can’t be trusted to return toys that don’t have bases! 

However, if you remember what I said earlier, there are certainly exceptions to this rule. If your classic vibrator has a flair base or suction cup base then you’re good to go!

The Exceptions!


Final Thoughts

So, there you have it, anal vibrators and classic vibrators are not the same! As we’ve learnt, as versatile as Classic Vibrators now are, its important to only choose toys with a base for anal play! 

We hope we’ve covered your bases (pun intended), and that you’ve found some inspiration, regardless of where you need it! 

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