The Ultimate Beginners Guide: Kegel Balls

The Ultimate Beginners Guide: Kegel Balls

If you’re new to pelvic floor training, then you’re probably going to be asking yourself the same few questions you did with your first pack of tampons: “How do I insert them?” … “Is it in deep enough?” … “What if I do it wrong?”.

Well, we’re here for pleasurable experiences not stressful memories! This guide is designed to be a simple and easy to follow breakdown of how to use kegel balls, covering everything from how to: insert kegel balls, remove kegel balls, and keep yourself safe.
So, grab your lube, get some relaxing music on (“Alexa, play WAP by Cardi B”), and let’s get PHYSICAL!


How to Insert Kegel Balls

Before getting down to business, it’s essential that you apply the appropriate lubricant to your vaginal opening before you get into position. This will make the process far more comfortable while you guide in the balls. 

After you’re lubed up, you should: 

  1. Lie down in a comfortable position, most people find this is on your back with your legs spread apart and your knees up.  
  2. Slowly and steadily insert the first ball. 
  3. Kegel balls are usually connected to each other by a small piece of string or silicone, so slip that inside your vagina as well. 
  4. If your kegel balls have one; once the string is tucked in, gently start to insert the second ball into your vagina. 
  5. Push the balls into your vagina as far as you’re comfortable with. If your balls have a removal string or loop, it should hang outside of your vagina, so make sure it’s not accidentally tucked in with the rest of the balls.  
  6. Tighten your pelvic floor muscles to hold your kegel balls inside of you, and continue your day like you usually would. Wear them while cleaning, driving, or walking the dog… all it takes is five minutes a day! 

The balls should feel secure, so if you feel like they’re about to fall out, or the first ball is visible outside of your vaginal opening, don’t stress as they just need to be deeper. Just gently push them deeper into your vagina. 

This experience will be different for everyone, but most often than not, the balls will provide a subtle, but tingly sensation. This is usually intensified by movements, like walking, bending down, or reaching up. Basically any time your pelvic muscles are being activated!


How to Remove Kegel Balls

You can leave Kegel balls in for hours, depending on the balls used and your individual body chemistry. Of course, if you do have any concerns, you should always discuss with your doctor first.  

If your Kegel balls have a removal string or loop, you should: 

  1. Lay down in a comfortable position. 
  2. Add more lube to your vaginal opening. 
  3. Slowly pull on the removal string until they slide out. 

If your balls are separated, you should: 

  1. Stand with your feet slightly wider than hip distance apart. 
  2. Slightly bend your knees until you’re in a comfortable squat.  
  3. Squeeze your vaginal muscles to push them out, much like with another sex toy or even a tampon.  

If the balls don’t come out right away, try to remain calm. You may be able to coax them out by adding more lube. You can also cough, move around, or even jump up and down to help your muscles contract and release. 



How to Use Kegel Balls Safely


Listen to your Body!

Using kegel balls should not be an uncomfortable experience. If you notice any pain or irritation, it is important to stop what you’re doing IMMEDIATELY. If you are having issues using kegel balls, please reach out and consult your doctor.


Use a Lubricant

Often when using a toy alone, lubricant (the slippery stuff) is a necessity to prevent injury or irritation. Ensure you reapply, when necessary, as our skin naturally absorbs the moisture, so one application may not be enough!

A thick water-based lubricant will be appropriate for all kegel balls, it will increase lasting time, and will provide additional comfort to the toy user.


Keep 'Em Clean

Hygiene is also essential especially in this area.

Now, no one wants to put their intimates at risk! So, to avoid any issues and ensure you keep your toys as hygienic as possible there are a few things you need to do:

  • Clean your toy with an antibacterial toy wash before and after use
  • Completely dry your toy before storing it in a clean and dry storage area
  • Consider purchasing a waterproof toy. It makes it easier to thoroughly clean your kegel balls, and gives you that extra piece of mind!



Ensure your kegel balls are kept in a dry, clean area for storage needs. Not only does it help keep them clean, but it also ensures that you don’t lose track of any toys! A few easy to make storage options include:

  • A spare clean pillow case – tie the end in knot and you have a home-made toy tote!
  • A satin toy bag
  • The inside of a clean drawer
  • UV Cleaning Bags – Hot Tip: They also double as a cleaner!



Final Thoughts

Using kegel balls doesn’t need to be some super-tricky exercise that only SOME women can do. Kegels are for anyone who wants to do them – regardless of shape, size, and build! We hope this guide has helped your queries, given you the confidence to give it a go, and gotten you on the path to a pelvic floor of steel! Remember the more we understand about sex, the more we can enjoy it!

If you have anymore questions, please feel free to drop in to one of our stores or call us today on 1800 666 069 and let us help you to find the best sex toys for your needs.



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