Pride Month And Sexual Expression

Pride Month And Sexual Expression

Many people would react negatively if you called them proud. That's because, as humans, we've attached negative emotions to the feeling of being seen as proud. Now, this doesn't mean we aren't often proud of ourselves. We just don't especially like being called proud.

If this is the case, why then do we celebrate Pride Month? Why aren't queer people up in arms when they are called proud during Pride Month? Well, the answer seems to be fairly simple. If being queer were something neutral, like having blond hair or blue eyes, Pride Month wouldn't exist. The history, particularly the Stonewall riots that led to it, wouldn't have happened, and no one would pay special attention to Pride Month. However, the fact that this isn't the case is precisely the reason why we celebrate Pride Month. 

Discrimination Is Still Rife

Being queer isn't neutral, and even in so-called liberal countries like America, queer people still get punished for being queer. For example, in about thirty American states, queer people don't have the same discrimination protections as women and racial minorities. It's even worse outside America, especially in non-western countries. In some countries in the Middle East, queerness is a crime punishable by death. If the long and unjust arm of the law doesn't reach you, you can expect even your family members to exert their punitive punishment on you.

In other countries, the opposition towards queerness isn't so extreme but is remarkable nonetheless. For example, Hungary recently banned schools from teaching students anything about sexual orientation, gender identity, and sex. One can only imagine how much harm this does to the thousands of queer youth who need answers concerning their sexual orientation and gender identities. Thus, being queer is certainly not neutral. 

Beign Queer Is Nothing To Be Ashamed Of

Being queer is, to many people, something one must necessarily be ashamed of. However, that's not really true, is it? People don't have to be ashamed of their sexuality any less than they have to be ashamed of their skin colour, hair colour, or eye colour. 

If someone tells you that there's an immutable characteristic about you that you should be ashamed of, what's the proper answer to them? Mockery and defiance. You laugh in their faces and tell them that you are immensely proud of that immutable characteristic. It doesn't matter what they think about it. It also doesn't matter what their religion or culture tells them to think about it— you're proud of it, and that's all there is to it.

Don’t Be Ashamed Of Who You Are

Generally speaking, that's the idea behind Pride Month. It's basically for queer people to stand tall for their sexual expression and tell everyone who'd care to listen that they aren't ashamed. They aren't ashamed of being lesbian, gay, bi, or transgender. What's more? They will never be ashamed. No matter how great the persecution gets, no matter how stern the people doing the persecution get, they will never be ashamed.

Maybe one day, when being queer is just as neutral as being from Kentucky and when being queer is just as unremarkable as having blond hair, queer people will stop celebrating pride month. But as long as it isn't, we'll continue to stand proud and celebrate Pride Month.


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