Are Rabbit Vibrators Good For Couples?

Are Rabbit Vibrators Good For Couples?

Rabbit vibrators are probably the most common kinds of vibrators in the world. In fact, they are probably the second most common kind of sex toys, after dildos. (Don't ask me where I'm getting my stats from). 

However, for some reason, rabbit vibrators are usually only used for solo play. For some reason, people tend to believe that rabbit vibrators aren't good for couples. But that's not true. Rabbit vibrators are great for couples and can add that extra spice to a sex life that's missing some.

But to truly enjoy rabbit vibrators as a couple, there are a few things that you must do. You can't just get a rabbit vibrator and expect it to transform your sex life with your partner. Yes, it works — but it's not automatic.

There are a few tips you must get before you can truly use a rabbit vibrator to enjoy sex with your partner. And in this post, I delve deep into what it means for a couple to use a rabbit vibrator and give examples of great vibrators that you can get for yourself and your partner(s).

But first, why are rabbit vibrators so good?

The reason why rabbit vibrators are so good is that they get everything done. A lot of vibrators focus on clitoral stimulation and do nothing about the other parts of the vagina.

While that can be pleasurable, it doesn't do any more than that. However, rabbit vibrators combine both clitoral stimulations with g-spot stimulation to give you that complete feeling. It's a two-in-one sex toy that can lead to the most explosive orgasms that you’re ever likely to experience.

Now, if you haven't used these toys before, you may not know which ones to get. That's why I'll be reviewing a few great choices for you.

Jack Rabbit Signature Silicone Beaded Rabbit Vibrator

The Jack Rabbit collection is one of the most exciting sex toy lines on the market right now, and the signature silicone beaded rabbit is worth looking at twice.

The great thing about the Jack Rabbit Signature Silicone Beaded Rabbit Vibrator is that it's almost infinitely customisable. It comes with 7 playful vibration functions and has 3 pleasure bead speeds. This means that the vibe has approximately 21 modes. There are a lot of vibrators that get really boring quickly because they offer no variety — but this vibe is certainly not one of those.

One reason why I'll always recommend this vibe for couples is that it has a pretty long life — even for a vibrator. It can work for up to 150 minutes non-stop. That means that no matter how long you want to use it, you'll never have to bother about the vibe dying on you.

Of course, the vibe checks all the health boxes. It's made with silicone and is perfect for your body. It's also waterproof too, so you can get creative with using it.

The Rabbit Company Sonic Rabbit Black

If you and your partner prefer something a little bit more pricey, the Sonic Rabbit Black vibrator is just the right one for you. The most remarkable thing about this vibrator is how heavy duty it is. For one, it can provide 850 thrusts per minute.

That's a little bit heavy — even for people who have a lot of experience with rabbit vibrators. While you may not want to go that high (or maybe you do!), it just goes to show that this rabbit will satisfy every need you have — and will also make a thrilling companion for your partner.

Aside from that, the vibe comes with 6 independent clitoral stimulators that offer external stimulation and 6 stimulating massage patterns in the head and shaft. As expected, it provides around two hours of battery life and is made with materials that are 100% safe for our bodies.

If you ever decide to bring that extra spice to your sex life with your partner, these are the rabbit vibrators you should be looking at.

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